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The Brief

Shopisfy are a young and innovative direct to customer soft furnishings manufacturer based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The aim was to provide their customers with the best range of home furniture and furnishings at fantastic prices. However, being reliant on the more expensive methods of Pay Per Click and Google Ads was proving to be difficult, causing their profits to deterioate.

Shopisfy came to Creative Ideaz for a solution that would help reduce their advertising expenditure as well as help to improve their return on investment. Our digital marketing consultants set about to devise a strategy that would guarantee them online success in the near future.

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The Creative Solution
We began our marketing process by understanding the types of users that were coming to the website, as well as analysing the types of keywords these users were more likely to be searching for, helping to give us a better insight into what customers were a better target audience for our client.We implemented a new and improved organic marketing strategy, which since deployment, has seen the Shopisfy website climb steadily up it’s rankings, overtaking many of it’s competitors previously thought untouchable, giving a much better target audience a higher visibility of the website.

The Result
Our SEO results for Shopisfy are two-fold – Firstly we managed to help our client reduce their reliance on the more expensive advertising methods of Pay Per Click and Adwords, whilst at the same time refocusing their marketing strategy on a more reliable organic rankings, resulting in a fantastic result for both Creative Ideaz and our client alike.Shopisfy have since seen their footfall to the website increase dramatically – This higher visibility to their online store has led to a boost in sales, helping Shopisfy to achieve their overall aim of higher profits for the company in general.

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“We have been working with Sumit Kumar and his knowledgeable team at Creative Ideaz for more than 6 months now. Since Sumit took charge of our website and started working with us, the website ranking, and sales started improving. The Creative Ideaz team is working hard on getting the website ranked not just using AdWords but also with organic search as well. Very Professional and know exactly what they are doing.” – Shopisfy.

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