Market Research & Strategy Services

Research & Strategy

From market research and customer insights to marketing strategies and brand development, this is the starting point to success.

We turn research into valuable insights

Going straight into marketing products or services without understanding the competition or target audience will set your business up to fail. Our research and strategy services reveal a company's potential, and it lays the foundation for achieving your overall business goals looking ahead.

We have the ability and experience to help develop your brand and build a digital marketing strategy based on insights and reliable data.

CreativeIdeaz turn research into valuable insights

From insight to clarity - Make strategic decisions based on research

A strengthened position within the market

Stay ahead of the competition. Good market research reveals the strengths and weaknesses of not only the competition but your own brand.

Understand the current market and competitive landscape to position your company where there is potential to grow.

Better focus on customer needs and demands

Look through the eyes of your customers. Without target audience knowledge, will you know how to speak to them?

Through in-depth persona insights & customer journey understanding, it’s possible to create campaigns built on reliable consumer data.

Creates a strong base for strategic growth

A thoroughly developed brand and marketing strategy will paint a clear picture of achievable short-term and long-term goals.

Creating a concrete brand identity will help plan an overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers.

Insightful, strategic & actionable data

Before Research & Strategy

  • Think you should target everyone
  • Don't know your customers needs
  • Unaware of competition and the market
  • Uninformed of best marketing techniques
  • Confused where you are going wrong
  • Have no direction and you are lost

After Research & Strategy

  • Know segments of audiences to target
  • Understand personas desires and frustrations
  • Aware of market gaps and potential opportunities
  • Appreciate strategising the correct marketing channels
  • See clearly and know how to be more efficient
  • Distinguish brand visions, values and brand identity