Endocare Diagnostics

How we drastically cut Endocare’s staff workload & transformed their manual admin tasks to streamlined digital processes.
Full Time Roles Saved
Man Days Saved in Payroll
Hours Staff Onboarding Saved

About the Brand

Endocare Diagnostics provides specialist gastroenterology, colorectal, and general surgery services across Northwest England. The organisation is led by a clinical board and has provided safe and high-quality patient care for over four years. So far, Endocare Diagnostics has provided expert care to over 50,000 patients.

The company works alongside local healthcare organisations and enables them to reduce their backlogs, get patients seen by specialists quickly, and ensures that the pressure and patient load of these already often-stretched organisations are lessened.

Endocare Diagnostics aligns itself with the NHS and embraces the ethos of social enterprise – reinvesting any surpluses generated directly back into their services.

The Problem

Our team discovered numerous key areas where Endocare Diagnostics' processes could be streamlined, automated, and thus modernised. Outdated methods of working meant an inefficient use of staff time and cumbersome systems.

Before our involvement, Endocare Diagnostics' processes, such as logging candidate skills, certifications, and insurances, were largely manual, proving hugely inefficient.

Rotas, which covered staff availability, skills, location, and team, were complex and carried out across numerous Excel spreadsheets on multiple systems. This, in turn, meant that not only was it difficult and time-consuming to oversee, but that data wasn't synced in real-time.

The company also relied heavily on various communication methods, including phone calls, emails, and text messages, to check staff availability.

Lastly, the payroll process was overly manual and involved extracting data from multiple sources and using admin-heavy procedures.

Our Solutions

We focused on creating a custom CRM for Endocare Diagnostics. This ensured all candidate information could be tracked and reported on whenever needed. It also meant that the administrative practices were automated from onboarding to an ongoing governance. Additionally, we designed and developed Endocare’s brand new website, which directly integrates into their prospects within the CRM.

Bespoke  Website Design & Development
Mobile First Experience
Bespoke Web Design
Lead CRM Integration

Bespoke Staff Rota Portal to reduce manual staff handling duty by one full-time role

We also created an online staff portal that allows users to quickly and easily log their availability, cancel shift patterns, and receive their shift allocations. By implementing this new system, Endocare Diagnostics was able to reduce its manual staff handling duty by one full-time role.  

Finally, we addressed the issues of the manual payroll process by creating a digital payroll reporting system with custom export routines. Once again, Endocare Diagnostics was able to cut their workload – this time, by ten 'man-days' per month.

The Results

The solutions we developed for Endocare Diagnostics helped turn their administrative systems around. We took them from old-fashioned, manually heavy processes to modern methods of working and, in the process, significantly streamlined their operations.  

Our new systems reduced rota planning by two full-time roles, reduced availability logging by one full-time position, and reduced payroll administration by ten 'man-days' per month.

Our new digital systems also moved the key skills of candidates from the memory of core team members to an online portal. This meant that operational dependency was reduced, and staff onboarding and training were improved.

Full Time Roles Saved
Man Days Saved in Payroll
Hours Staff Onboarding Saved
Before Creative Ideaz
After Creative Ideaz
All candidate skills, certifications and insurances were manually managed.
We introduced a custom CRM module that enables all candidate information to be tracked and reported. This ensures admin practices are automated from on-boarding to on-going governance.
Rota planning was complex and heavily time consuming and was based on staff availability, skills, location and team.
We created a custom-built algorithm that takes all data points available and automates the rota process by assigning shifts based on specific skills. This created a reduction in rota planning by two full-time roles.
The rota was managed across various Excel spreadsheets on multiple systems. This meant that data wasn’t synced in real time.
We created live job rota boards that sync between all active staff planning team members and alerts them to any cancellations, possible issues, and movement of staff in real time.
Staff availability was based on outdated methods of working – involving phone calls, emails, and text messages.
We designed an online staff portal which allows users to provide their availability, cancel shift patterns, and receive their shift allocations. By doing this, we reduced the admin load by one full-time role.
Payroll used admin-heavy processes where data was extracted from multiple sources. The whole process was largely manual and inefficient.
We introduced a direct portal to payroll reporting with custom export routes. By doing this we reduced payroll admin by ten staff days per month.

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