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How we added an extra £1.2 million to AL Aesthetics’ turnover in 2 years
Organic Traffic Per Month
Ranked Keywords
Leads Increased

About the Brand

Owner and founder of AL Aesthetics, Dr Ash Labib, dedicates his work to boosting the confidence of their patients using skin rejuvenation techniques with over 27 years’ experience.  

Dr Ash Labib has co-pioneered the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure (15 minute nose job) over the last 10 years, affirming his passion for helping patients achieve greater self-esteem with innovative and long-lasting procedures.  

Since we began working with AL Aesthetics in 2018, we have helped catapult the brand into online success. This case study will analyse AL Aesthetics’ initial obstacles, the solutions we strategised, and the prestigious results these solutions provided.

The Problems

AL Aesthetics’ initial website was very dated, had a poor user experience and was not mobile-friendly with no ranking of any services on search results pages. The lack of rankings meant the brand was being completely overshadowed by competitors, receiving hardly any traffic and no leads.  

Dr Ash Labib was also pitching himself and the brand as one, with very little differentiation creating a lack of brand clarity or exit opportunity.

Our Solutions

We started with local SEO in order to increase visibility of the website within the local area of the clinic. As leads started to increase we identified the potential for a national SEO campaign specific to his specialisation in non-surgical rhinoplasty.

However, despite an increase in visitors, the number of leads were not in correlation which initiated a customer insight workshop to develop personas and customer journey maps. With this new insight, we worked on rebranding and repositioning the AL Aesthetics offering. This resulted in a new website and brand focus around AL Aesthetics as opposed to Dr Ash Labib as an individual.

We suggested Dr Ash Labib develop a scalable brand rather than focusing on his own individual profile as he wanted to work toward an exit over the next 5 years.  

Lead Generating Website & Development
Award-Winning Mobile First Design
Seamless UX Flow
Lead Generation Focused

The Results

Within 6 months with Creative Ideaz, AL Aesthetics jumped from receiving very little traffic to receiving 20-30 visitors a day and 10 leads a week. With our expert use of SEO for AL Aesthetics’ treatments including “non-surgical nose jobs” and “lip filler,” 2019 saw the brand become #1 in google search results, with the website receiving 10-20 leads a day.  

While many businesses reduced marketing efforts during lockdown, we saw this as an opportunity to pull ahead of the competition through an aggressive SEO effort. We were able to give Dr Ash Labib the best year of his career, creating over 16,000 organic visits in May 2021.

In 2 years, we were able to add an extra £1.2 million to AL Aesthetics’ turnover, allowing Dr Ash Labib to further expand the business by opening more successful clinics in Nottingham and London’s illustrious Harley Street.

Visits Per Month
Turnover Increase in 2 Years
Leads Increase

“What they have done is incredible. Over the last 5-6 years we came from 2-3 enquiries a day to 200 patients landing on our website. Credit to the guys who’ve worked hard and I’d really recommend them… they’re very professional, delivered what they promised, highly recommended.”

Dr. Ash Labib – AL Aesthetics Managing Director & Founder

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