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How we transformed Affinity4u’s operations & enabled the brand to give customers a seamless experience.
Full Time Roles in Quoting Saved
Increase in Quoting Capacity
in Vehicle Financed

About the Brand

With thousands of cars to choose from, and over 700 registered organisations, Affinity4u is the UK’s premier B2B vehicle leasing discount provider.  

This members-only business has been offering fantastic car leasing deals for 15 years and offers monthly membership options to suit all budgets. Free to join, and with no volume commitment, it’s little wonder Affinity4u has such an impressive list of clientele to its name. Employees of organisations including Royal Mail, the British police force, and the British Armed Forces all enjoy the perks that this company provides.

Affinity4u ensures customers have access to the best car leasing deals, with minimal administration involved. What’s more, it’s not just members that enjoy great offers – there are benefits for members’ friends and family too. From brand new cars to top-quality used cars, there are vehicles to suit everyone at Affinity4u.

The Problem

When we started working with Affinity4u, their operations weren’t working hard enough for them.  Processes such as listing leasing offers were heavily manual, and there was no way of showcasing large model variations in a simple and intuitive way. The company also needed a tool to effectively manage customer enquiries.

Furthermore, when employers of large-scale companies browsed vehicle offers at Affinity4u, the web design did not make them feel like they were browsing a service that was provided through their employer. This meant the relationship and connection with the brand was confusing, and ultimately suffered.

The brand also needed to be able to offer vehicle leasing deals quickly and easily via its website. Instead, many users found they had to phone the company directly in order to get an accurate quote on a vehicle model of their choice.

Our Solutions

What Affinity4u needed was a bespoke vehicle leasing platform with gated access. We created seamless integration into internal portals which provided additional uptake of service, an improved user experience, and a co-branded interface that meant customers felt like they were connected to the service.

To address the issues surrounding navigating to particular vehicle makes and models, we developed an advanced filtering solution with upgrade system. This means that customers are now only shown vehicle combinations that are possible, and allows them to remove and show options if selected. By doing this, finance companies can now give finance figures for relevant models.

With regards to managing customer enquiries to Affinity4u, we created a CRM which is completely scalable and able to handle millions of visitors every month.

Bespoke  Vehicle Leasing Platform
Customise Lease Options
Contract Application

Bespoke Leasing system to see relevant offers from multiple financers in real time

Lastly, to enable Affinity4u to offer leasing deals, we created web services that allowed for calculating flexible finance offerings including PCP, PCH, and BCH. As a result, customers now see all the relevant offers from multiple financers in real time. The credit score needed to pass is also indicated.

The Results

Creative Ideaz has delivered numerous results for Affinity4u, elevating it head and shoulders above its market competitors. Clients now benefit from a bespoke leasing platform with gated access which provides ease of use and a better relationship with the brand. As an industry-first multiple lender offering multiple finance options, clients can access great deals on multiple vehicle types instantly, and enjoy the use of a calculator based on credit score.

Creating a fully integrated application and propping integration means that now all third-party services are seamlessly connected.  

Lastly, by developing web services to automatically transfer customer enquiries into a bespoke CRM system, we have stopped double entry and fallout. Affinity4u now enjoys a completely scalable solution that can handle millions of visitors per month.

Full Time Roles in Quoting Saved
Increase in Quoting Capacity
in Vehicle Financed
Before Creative Ideaz
After Creative Ideaz
Leasing offers were listed manually.
We created a bespoke leasing platform with gated access.
The website showed poor branding of design based on supplier relationship.
Now, when a supplier onboards, the website is configured so that the portal loads co-branded.
There was no simple and intuitive method to showcase large model variations.
We developed a fully integrated application and propping integration which connects all third-party services.
Affinity4u didn’t have the ability to prop a deal on the fly and give customers quotes from multiple financers based on credit rating.
We created web services that allow for calculating the PCP/PCH/BCH for deals across numerous financers. Affinity4u now also enjoys an industry-first multiple lender/finance type calculator that’s based on credit score.
Lacked a method to turn enquiries into CRM.
Enjoys a completely scalable solution that can handle millions of visitors a month.

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