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How we took a traditional business & transformed it into a successful online model achieving a zero to million-pound turnover in 18 months
Organic Traffic Per Month
Keywords Ranked
From £0 in 18 months

About the Brand

With over 45 years of experience, and stocking more than 5000 quality lifting products – many of which are made in the UK - the UK Lifting Store is the place to go for competitively-priced premium-grade lifting products.

But it’s not just its wide range of quality items that sets UK Lifting Store apart from its market competitors, it’s the advice they offer to all prospective clients. With safety their number one concern, the team at UK Lifting Store works hard to ensure customers get the right products for their needs, providing certification for the large majority of products available.

It's next-day delivery service ensures that any stocked items ordered by 1.30pm will be received the next working day. Customers also benefit from a 30-day return policy and 12-month warranty on all equipment.

Passionate about safe, quality lifting products, and able to provide both ready-made and made-to-order items, UK Lifting Store is a national provider in the manufacture and procurement of lifting and material-handling equipment.

The Problem

UK Lifting Store’s problems began during Covid. Prior to this, the company's traditional marketing methods were working well, and it had a dedicated localised customer base who regularly went in-store to buy and order their products.

But when Covid came along, in-store buying largely shifted to online buying, and UK Lifting Store had no skills or knowledge to sell its products via the digital landscape.  

The brand hadn’t identified its target audience, and its website was basic, outdated, and proved difficult for the team to update internally, with no function to sell products online. UK Lifting Store also had zero keyword search rankings, meaning the brand was virtually invisible online.

Our Solution

It was clear that Covid was the catalyst for change that UK Lifting store needed and we were more than thrilled to become a part of this change. We expertly designed a new website that helped users find the products they needed quickly and efficiently and re-branded the company to not only help them recover losses but also reintroduce them to the world and to brand new clients as an esteemed and professional lifting goods supplier.  

We also launched UK Lifting Store’s new e-commerce site on the Shopify platform, ensuring the company could easily manage its inventory, process orders, and reach its target audience.  

To identify the needs of the users who were looking for products on the UK Lifting Store website, we created customer journey maps and personas. Our SEO strategy identified that customers weren’t using social media to find products – but were instead searching on Google. This led us to focus on our SEO, helping users eliminate time-consuming searches for certain products by ensuring page rankings for UK Lifting Store’s products.

We also focused on PPC, allowing the precise targeting of the brand’s specific audience, limiting wasted impressions and increasing conversions. Initially, we spent more on ads, but within six months, we managed to break even with SEO.  

Conversion Optimised Bespoke Shopify Store
Mobile First Experience
Custom Product Builder
Dynamic Search integration

The Results

We are proud to have been able to help UK Lifting Store achieve a zero to million-pound turnover in just 18 months. This impressive achievement is largely attributable to our effective SEO strategy and our expert understanding of both advertising and digital marketing.  

The creation of UK Lifting Store's brand-new  website design shaped using our user experience analysis and boasting advanced e-commerce functionality, has significantly increased the brand's visibility and orders online. By attracting new customers that were previously out of reach, we have helped UK Lifting Store establish a strong and tenacious presence in their industry.

Perhaps most significantly, we were able to reduce UK Lifting Store's acquisition costs by a remarkable 50%, which has had an outstanding impact on exponential profitable growth for the long-term. We are confident that our continued partnership with UK Lifting Store will lead to even more impressive results in the years to come.

Organic Traffic Per Month
Keywords Ranked
From £0 in 18 months
Before Creative Ideaz
After Creative Ideaz
An off-line business with little online presence that used traditional marketing in the local area.
Transitioned to online with an updated, easy-to-navigate mobile-first website and Shopify platform so customers can buy and order quickly online.
Outdated website that was difficult for the internal team to update, and also relied on manual customer delivery email notifications.
New website with interactive search function for users to find their desired product, and automated customer delivery email notifications using auto responder.  We also made sure this new website is easy for the internal team to update and maintain in-house.
Zero keyword search term rankings.
We increased their keyword search term rankings and traffic using a combination of PPC and SEO, and increased organic traffic from 0-3K. We also optimised both products and categories for keywords.
Difficult for customers to find exactly what they were looking for.
In the website redesign, we included a unique product builder option which means users can now search for the product they want. For instance – a product which can be ordered in multiple sizes, and for multiple weights.

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Callum Billingham– UK Lifting Store Director & Founder

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