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Digital PR Services Birmingham

Digital PR = Brand Authority

Our PR agency in Birmingham understands the importance of having an effective digital PR strategy to stand out from the competition and get noticed within an increasingly crowded marketplace. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you establish your brand as a leader in its industry.  

The digital PR strategy we create for your brand is precisely tailored to meet your specific goals to ensure a streamline to success. We like to take a comprehensive approach to our PR campaigns. Utilising the E-A-T principle, we focus on all aspects of marketing to provide a multifaceted and unique digital PR service dedicated to helping your brand achieve online success.  

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PR Company Birmingham

Types of Digital PR Services:

Product/Brand Launches
Influencer Engagements
CXO Brand Building
Events Planning
Content Creation
Social Campaigns
Awards Strategies
Local & National Campaigns
Charity Work
Product/Brand Launches

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PR Case Study

Case Study: Este Medical Group 

Since 2018, Creative Ideaz have helped Este Medical Group increase their brand invisibility and gain recognition in the medical industry.

Through creative and strategic planning, we have leveraged our extensive knowledge of public relations tactics to deliver meaningful and reliable results for Este, who now receive over 50k organic traffic per month as a result of our services.  

The effectiveness of Creative Ideaz's approach is further verified by the numerous awards and accolades received by Este Medical Group during our time working together. The organisation has been recognised as one of the top medical companies in their region, an achievement which our   successful PR initiatives have contributed towards.  

Este Medical Group

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Digital PR Services Process

Our Process: Helping grow your business with Digital PR

Getting to know your business

We start by learning everything there is to know about your business – we call this the ‘Discovery Phase.’

This stage involves research into customer personas and understanding the needs and pain points of your target audience, alongside analysing how we can provide solutions for these pain points.

Strategic plan of action

This is the stage where we develop PR strategies to help boost both your brand’s visibility and authority.

We execute PR campaigns, articles, events, and more to help spread the word of your business and begin to generate effective word-of-mouth publicity.

Results & review

At this stage, we begin to start seeing the results of our PR initiatives.

We consistently review and refine our results to explore what can be done next in the campaign and how we can continue to develop your brand – everything is planned in order to capture the right engagement.

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SEO PR Services

We build links & brands

Digital PR is often paired with SEO, as it is the key to increasing online engagement with your brand, and this helps to boost your rankings on search engine algorithms. At Creative Ideaz, our PR services are an integral part of our full stack marketing strategy, as it helps to increase your brand’s visibility and reach, and therefore enabling it to access new markets.

The success of our PR services is demonstrated through the exponential growth of some of our most prosperous clients, including Este Medical Group, MAC Surfacing, and AL Aesthetics.  

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About Us

About Creative Ideaz

After first opening our doors 15 years ago, Creative Ideaz began as a digital marketing agency specialising in SEO and conversion optimisation. Since then, we have continued to evolve and have developed into an incredibly multi-faceted company, reinventing our team to become a full stack digital marketing agency.  

We offer an entire host of digital marketing services including SEO, conversion optimisation, marketing and content strategies, website design and development, business automation, and so much more.  

Our 22-strong powerhouse team have formed a uniquely curated selection of the finest designers, copywriters, strategists, and developers in the industry. Together, our insatiable drive to help businesses achieve success enables us to consistently add value to the 150+ businesses among our clientele.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What do PR initiatives look like?

PR initiatives involve creating strategic campaigns that seek to establish a positive connection between the public, potential customers and your business. In order to do this, a comprehensive plan must be developed which includes objectives, tactics and measurable outcomes.

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What are the benefits of PR services?

PR services are essential for any business or brand looking to grow their presence and reach. The benefits of PR services include:

  • Build relationships with key stakeholders
  • Establish brand as an industry leader
  • Increase visibility both online and offline
  • Enhance credibility  
  • Develop creative content that resonates with audiences
  • Access new markets  
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How can I get started with PR services for my business?

You can start utilising the effects of PR services by finding a successful digital marketing agency. B2B PR agency Birmingham, Creative Ideaz, will get to know your business, its goals, and objectives in order to create a comprehensive PR strategy on your behalf.

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How do I measure the success of PR services for my business?

Business owners measure the success of PR services by analysing key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs can include brand recognition, media coverage, engagement rates, website traffic, conversions and leads. It is also important to measure and compare changes in these metrics before and after a PR campaign to be able to see the full effects.

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What are some tips when working with a PR agency?

When working with a PR agency, it is important to be clear about the goals that you want to achieve and to express them clearly and concisely. Effective communication and realistic expectation are also essential when working with a PR agency to ensure satisfaction on both sides.

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How do I choose the right PR agency for my business?

When working with a PR agency, it is important to be clear about the goals that you want to achieve Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business should involve assessing your goals and budget in order to determine the type of PR agency that will be most suitable for your needs.

It is also vital to research the agency’s past work, experience and testimonials. to express them clearly and concisely. Effective communication and realistic expectation are also essential when working with a PR agency to ensure satisfaction on both sides.

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How much do PR services cost?

The cost of PR services can vary greatly and is typically dependent on the size, scope and length of a project. Get in touch for an accurate quote on our PR services in Birmingham.

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What is the difference between a PR agency and an advertising agency?

A PR agency specialises in managing the spread of information to a company's target audience, utilising media techniques such as social media, press releases, events and branding campaigns to reach their target market. Whereas an advertising agency focuses on paid media to reach their target market, utilising television, radio, print and digital advertising channels.

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