The Brief

As an insurance provider for blocks of flats, Residentsline were keen on making their stance in the market – digitally seeking brand growth and more clientele. With very low-ranked keywords and several issues found in in the usability of the site, we had a vision to revamp Residentsline site to bring it up to date and ensuring their site was visible to the maximum number of users within their target audience.  

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The Creative Solution

Firstly, we knew it was key to ensure the client had maximum control in making future updates so, we built the site on top of a Content Management System that would allow them to do just that! Through improvement of the user flow, streamlining the menu structure and matching brand guidelines – the website design was targeted to exactly what their users wanted to see.

Not only that, we also created specific landing pages for their key target areas which they saw the most business value coming from, and created keyword rich content for each, to ensure our SEO agency Birmingham captured these locally searching users.  

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The Result

Since 2017, our SEO company Birmingham are proud to have achieved outstanding results for Residentsline from ranking way past the 4th page of Google for low searched keywords and achieving 1st page ranked positions for their most searched keywords – resulting in their organic traffic increasing by over 50%.  

As well as increased visibility, we have seen impressions increase by over 30% which have given Residentsline the excellent online image they wanted for their business.

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