How we revolutionised Residentsline’s time-consuming processes & dramatically scaled up their online presence.
Renewals Processed
Automated Marketing Campaigns
Man Hours Per Lead Reduced

About the Brand

Residentsline provides first-class flats and apartment insurance to customers across the UK. Provided in conjunction with A-rated insurance providers, Residentsline cover policies are specifically designed for residents’ management companies, right-to-manage companies, residents’ associations, developers, freeholders, and landlords.

When clients choose Residentsline, they each benefit from a tailor-made policy to suit their own specific property, with cover that is provided on an ‘all risks’ basis. So, whether a property faces a risk of fire, flooding, or machinery breakdown for instance, customers can rely on Residentsline for reliable cover for any eventuality.

Based in Wolverhampton, Residentsline provides insurance cover options to include lift cover, legal expenses, terrorism insurance, and directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. Additionally, a 24-hour claims and emergency services helpline is available to offer round-the-clock support and advice.  

Residentsline is proud to be an affiliate member of ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents), while Belinda Thorpe, their managing director, is an honorary consultant for the FRPA (Federation of Private Residents’ Associations).

The Problems

When we began working with Residentsline, their operations needed streamlining so that their online processes demonstrated the security they offer. They were using time-consuming qualification and quote processes, and an inefficient method that convoluted the accurate quotations of renewals and prospects.  

Alongside these issues, they were also facing problems reaching their desired clientele as their target demographic was not completely online. Further problems included a lack of regular contact with clients, and a website that failed to showcase the excellence of the business.  

Our Solutions

In order to streamline Residentsline’s operations to ensure online processes were much smoother, we developed a bespoke CRM. This allowed the prospect to be structured in multi-level relationships i.e. managing agent, facilities agent, and so on.  

We also ensured that the time-consuming qualification process was driven down from hours to minutes by ensuring third party services were built in. We integrated Companies House, Google Maps, address verification, and floor risk analysis which, in turn, meant administrative time was kept to a minimum.

To solve the inefficient quote process, we crafted an automated PDF quote generation system with email and printed delivery mechanisms. We also created the ability to generate renewal documentation.

To help Residentsline’s reach their targeted demographic, we implemented an integrated mail merge solution that took lead data and auto-processed the documentation production so that the company is now able to effectively target the right clients.

Lack of regular client contact was solved by actioning a drip-feed campaign that is based on the renewal cycle.

Finally, we created a brand-new website with integrated digital SEO and a super-efficient custom portal to ensure Residentsline’s visibility and online presence is representative of the company’s exceptional abilities.

Bespoke Integrated CRM

The Results

Thanks to the creation of a bespoke CRM, Residentsline now enjoy smooth and efficient operations. Their qualification and quotation processes now take minutes as opposed to the hours they once took, and their new SEO-focused website ensures the company’s online presence and image matches that of the first-rate insurance provider they are.  

Residentsline can now keep in regular contact with clients thanks to a drip-feed campaign that’s based on the renewal cycle. Lastly, there is a significantly improved recording of the relationship between the contact point and the insured address for account management.  

As a result of Creative Ideaz’s input, both Residentline’s customers and the company itself enjoy a much improved, more user-friendly experience that cuts administrative time and streamlines operations.  

Renewals Processed
Automated Marketing Campaigns
Man Hours Per Lead Reduced
Before Creative Ideaz
After Creative Ideaz
Residentsline was trying to target a demographic that isn’t completely online.
We created an integrated mail merge solution that takes lead data and auto processes the documentation production. Residentsline is now in a much better position to target relevant customers.
The client needed an efficient method to keep on top of renewals and prospects with accurate quotations.
We developed a bespoke CRM which allowed the prospect to be structured in multilevel relationships – for example: managing agent, facilities agent etc. This new method has streamlined the qualification process from hours down to minutes.
Residentsline had a lack of regular contact with clients.
We developed a drip-feed campaign based on the renewal cycle so that Residentsline can now keep in regular contact with their client base.
The company had a time-consuming qualification process.
We developed a method that integrated third party services such as Companies House, Google Maps, address verification, and flood risk analysis. This made the whole qualification process more efficient and dramatically cut down admin time.
The quote processes were inefficient and time-consuming.
We created automated PDF quote generation with both email and printed delivery mechanisms. At the same time, we also provided the ability to generate renewal documentation.

These guys are the best in the UK. They look after my company like their own. Big thanks.

Sam Cinkir – Este Medical Group CEO & Founder

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