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Where it all began:

Where it all began 15 years ago, we tentatively opened our digital marketing agency to the world. Back then – in 2007 – the digital landscape looked incredibly different to how it does today. This was the year when paid links really took a hit, encouraging us to determine how we could revolutionise the digital marketing field and become the fiercest independent competitor.

2007 was also the year in which we said goodbye to Froogle and hello to iGoogle – remember either of those?

Where are we now:

Today, we’ve changed. Driven by customer satisfaction, our core services focus on expert SEO and conversion optimisation, and we now offer a whole host of digital marketing services. We have reinvented our team to become a full stack digital marketing agency, evolving alongside the digital landscape and remaining tapped in at all times.

Our team now stands at a close-knit 22, made up of the finest designers, developers, copywriters and project managers in the industry. We pride ourselves on becoming a value-added partner to your business, working with you and never ahead of you, and only working with businesses that operate ethically.

Despite our expansion and evolution, we remain committed to our core belief of securing online success for our clients, ensuring returns on your investments time and time again. And the numbers don’t lie. We now count over 150 businesses among our clientele.

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We started with a simple aim – to secure online success for our clients, and nothing less.

Our Values

Our brand is driven by our inclusive values and ethos, putting our clients first whilst maintaining an ideology that is dedicated to progression. Our values include:


A clear path to success through expert direction


Innovative ideas powered by the most gifted minds in the industry


Committed to creating progressive outcomes for our clients


Result driven activities in a constant state of refinement


Making only the best moves for our clients and their businesses

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We empower entrepreneurs so that together we ignite the passion of the next generation.

In an online world that is constantly and frantically evolving to become more challenging, a digital agency you can count on to deliver results is a must.

We turbocharge economic growth by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit. Driven by a passion for high-growth businesses and ensuring entrepreneurs blossom, we share a passion to make a difference, and a determination to create something extraordinary.

The Creative Culture

We allow the freedom of expression and independence for each and every one of our team members in a way that is most beneficial for them. We operate within a simultaneously relaxed and highly driven culture, motivating our team to achieve their goals whilst helping our clients to achieve theirs.

Our History


Founded by Sumit Kumar and Kash Sangha, helping local businesses in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands to grow online


Acquired our first office in Birmingham


Moved permanently to Brindley Place in Birmingham, still focusing on Wolverhampton and West Midlands, but expanding to more clients in the Birmingham area


Joined the WeWork workspace in Birmingham’s Colmore Business District, with clients across the whole of Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the West Midlands


We now have clients across the whole of the UK and overseas

Our Core Senior Team Members

Sumit Kumar


Hi, I’m Sumit – the Growth Marketing Strategist and Co-Founder of Creative Ideaz. With over 15 years' experience in the industry, I’ve witnessed huge changes within the digital landscape and am proud to have been here for the journey.

As part of my work at Creative Ideaz, I’ve helped grow a regional automotive brand into a £5M-a-year business, worked in the EMEA, North American and Asian markets, and launched a UK retail brand into the North American and Nordic markets growing it into a seven-figure business. I thrive on solving challenging business problems, and love to help businesses achieve their full potential.


Hello. I’m Kash and I’m the Co-Founder of Creative Ideaz and I’m responsible for shaping the overall project vision. I’ve got 20 years' experience working in digital, and working with high growth start ups through to Enterprise.

I now mainly focus on businesses who are scaling for growth, I like to keep a keen eye on whole projects, and assist with everything from strategy and ideation to delivery. This means I help make sure that all the key elements of design, marketing, and build, are aligned so that the end project goal is achieved and impressive results are delivered.  

Lucy Benson


Hi. I’m Lucy. I’m an SEO and content strategist with over six years’ experience in the industry. I’m the person who’ll help ensure your website gets brilliant on-page and technical SEO, great content, and the ultimate SEO strategy.

My work is entirely centred around the motivations and frustrations of the target persona, and achieving SEO goals, so you’ll usually find me working hard on content planning and mapping so that your digital channels are the best they can be.


Hello. I’m Dan and I’m Head of Design at Creative Ideaz. I’ve got 10+ years’ agency design experience and I’m the person who leads visual communication. This means I’m responsible for the visuals created, whether that be a website, branding, or print material.

As well as this, I also work alongside the UX team to oversee design, usability and interaction on the products we help create, launch and grow.

Rav Sanghera


Hi. I’m Rav. I’ve been with Creative Ideaz for over six years as the Account Manager. I’m the person who deals with everything to do with client communication. When you bring your project to Creative Ideaz, I’ll be the one to ensure you know what’s happening every step of the way.

I’ll update you on developments within your business’s digital marketing journey, and help make sure your business’s online presence is continually improving.


Hey there! I’m Tenai (pronounced teh-nay) and I’m the content writer at Creative Ideaz. Having studied both fiction and non-fiction writing for over five years, my personal writing style is equipped with a unique and innovative flair, curated by only the finest literature.

It’s my job to translate whatever you want the world to know about your business into precise and distinctly imaginative copy. I also proofread, review, and edit copy, ensuring everything your audience reads about your business is nothing short of exceptional.