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Reach & Exceed Business Growth Potential

Take your business to the next level with the help of Creative Ideaz. We specialise and are passionate about creating great User Experiences (UX).

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Reach & Exceed Business Growth Potential

Our passionate UX agency in Birmingham specialises in perfecting the user journey from start to finish. Whatever type of industry your business is in, our UX designers and researchers tailor plans to scale and grow your company through website changes, SEO and more.

Don't limit your business abilities. Your business has the potential to grow even further. Invest in our marketing UX agency in Birmingham to push you to achieve more. Get in touch with our friendly team today to start planning how to improve your user journey.

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UX Discovery

  1. Business Objectives – Understanding your high-level business objectives and what the project roadmaps look like will ensure we have a clear path on how we can achieve them.
  2. User Blockers – This stage will allow you to understand better what problems your target audience faces with your current product, sector or industry, allowing us to create a clear idea on how we resolve them with you.
  3. Success – What does success look like to your clients and suppliers. Knowing which KPI's are important can reduce wasted time and ensure we a measuring success that is profitable for the business.
UX Discovery FlowBranding Agency Birmingham

UX Flow

  1. Persona Development – Gaining a detailed insight into the background of your target audience and potential real-life customers.
  2. Customer Journey Map – Understanding the emotional and logical journey users go through to complete their critical objectives.
  3. Design Prototypes – Producing a mock-up of the product to give you an early representation of how the product will look visually.
UX Flow

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose our UX Agency?

We care about the customer journey as much as the customer does. We consider more than just design changes to create a fantastic looking site. If it doesn't work right for your target audience, then what's the point?  

We want to create a website, social media platform or any other type of market strategy that will connect and engage with your target audience. By taking part in our UX design workshops in Birmingham, you can expect all our decisions to be valid and matched to persona needs.  

Everything will be created with your consumers in mind, from content to call to action updates.  

Here are just a few of the questions we will resolve and improve with our UX design:
  • How easy is the site to navigate? Is it clear what you offer?
  • How can the website be improved to increase conversions?
  • Does content connect with the end-users?
  • Are you using the right call to action?
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"UX design is more than just ensuring you are offering buttons in the right place and a menu that looks dynamic. It involves a better understanding of the user journey from their initial problem to finding a solution. Creative Ideaz are experts in planning key elements to increase conversion and user interaction."
Rav Sanghera – UX Researcher, Creative Ideaz