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It only takes a few seconds to win someone over, so getting your brand identity right from the off is serious business.

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With over 10 years of experience, we cultivate ideas to represent your ethos, develop new products, and inspire new services.

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Brand Strategy

We research in and around your market niche, dissect customer behaviours and trends, and find out how your brand is viewed. All of this information means we are in the best position possible to feedback recommended steps, goals, and actions to take to ensure you start getting noticed.

Brand StrategyBranding Agency Birmingham

Brand Identity

This is everything from the imagery, colour palette to typography. Brand Identity is the visual language that we create to help communicate with your audience. When all of these parts come together they create a brand that your audience will connect with and remember (often without having to try).

Brand Positioning

This is all about where your product lies in relation to other similar products out there, and how and who it is pitched at. Because our branding strategy is so in-depth, we are able to ensure the business positioning of your brand is just right.

Brand Launch

This is the part where – after all that hard work – your brand gets its fanfare. It is the cutting of the red tape, and the unleashing of your brand across online and offline channels. You will have had the expertise of our graphic design agency, branding specialists, and web creatives crafting everything from your logo design for the UK market and beyond.

Why Branding?

Why is branding important?

Brand image

Brand Image

Visual Perception
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How do your customers perceive you? Are you trying to send out a message? Do consumers see you in a positive or negative light?

Cultural Appeal
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How diverse are you? Do you appeal to everybody or just a select few? Does the whole world know about you or is it just locally?

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Do people see you as a serious brand to associate with? Is your logo something people look at and see professionalism within your industry?

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Does your visual image trigger an emotional impact for consumers? Are you using images, stories and other content to connect with people?

Brand message

Brand Message

Emotive Language
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Are you speaking in a tone of voice your target audience can relate to? Does your language inspire consumers?

Engaging Content
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Is your content retaining attention and increasing peoples interest levels? Are consumers engaging with your brand through social media channels?

Communication Levels
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Does your brand reach out to customers and address their concerns? Are you actively replying to product reviews?

Brand positioning

Brand Positioning

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How believable are your brand values and ethos? Do consumers see your brand as something they can trust?

Industry Position
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Amongst competitors, how do people see you compared to them? Are you less expensive or offer a better service?

Marketing Efforts
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Is your brand taking advantage of all marketing platforms? Do you have a brand strategy to dominate the market?

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Does your visual image trigger an emotional impact for consumers? Are you using images, stories and other content to connect with people?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of developing a strong brand?

It will help you sell your message and the benefits of your products or service for you. When people know your brand, what it stands for and recognise your logo, it becomes a lot easier to launch new branded lines and help to bring in a new flow of customers.

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How long will it take to build a brand?

It can take years to build a widely recognised brand, however, the sooner you start the better. The time it takes to build a brand, is the time it takes your customer to accept your brand values.

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I only have a small budget; will this affect it?

It doesn’t cost a penny to decide on your values and what makes your brand special. You’ll only require a budget for communicating your brand message and style. Talk to us about your budget and we’ll see how we can get you started.

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Can you help me launch new products in line with my existing brand?

Yes! The team will work with you to think of how the product fits the brand and how customers will easily understand how the new offering fits within the overall brand family.

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Can you help my brand increase recognition?

We can help you cultivate the desired perception and understanding of your brand among key audiences. Through in-depth persona research, we can get to know your target audience and tie in branding marketing campaigns to increase brand recognition.

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