How to Increase Engagement on Your Website

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
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Vivienne To
Vivienne To
Increase website engagement

It’s understandable that many business owners might not view a professionally designed website to be a worthy investment – After all, in many industries outside of eCommerce, your website might not even directly impact your revenue. But it’s worth considering the difference it can make, when a website design is done correctly – Compared to when it isn’t.

What Is Bad Web Design?

Bad webdesign impacts user experience

It’s true that for most people, website design is like art – Purely subjective, and open to interpretation as to what makes it good or bad.
So whilst there’s no definitive list as to what makes a good website, there are certainly some red flags to watch out for that might be encumbering your website’s user experience without you even knowing it.

A bad mobile experience is high on the list here – Poor responsive design (Or lack thereof) will almost surely be contributing to a high bounce rate, with over 70% of website visitors now accessing from a mobile device.

Likewise, other UX elements will affect how your users respond to your website – Slow loading times, overly long page lengths, obtrusive animations, automatic playing of music, badly placed call-to-actions and a convoluted navigation structure are all likely to determine the outcome of your potential customer’s decision whether to continue using your company’s website.

Poor design choices are also a common turn-off for website visitors – Unpleasant colour schemes, inconsistent font selections, ineffective use of contrast and other UI bugs are almost always enough to encourage a user to leave your website – And to go to one of your competitors instead!

Make your site user friendly

How do I increase engagement on my website?

The key to designing an effective website with a high level of engagement ultimately comes down to one simple factor: Understanding your users.

Without getting to the bottom of what your visitors will be looking for, you will struggle to build a website to meet their needs, resulting in a confused online presence without a clear direction of what it’s trying to achieve – And most likely, a high bounce rate alongside it.

In most cases, the best way to approach a website build is to use the “less-is-more” approach. Whilst not all websites will benefit from a minimalist interface, practically all sites will be improved by reducing every element down to its core message, whether that be by removing unnecessary content, simplifying design choices, or streamlining your navigation to allow your users to get to their end goal in a shorter amount of steps – Resulting in a win-win for both yourself and your customers.

For more information on improving the engagement on your website, or for help fixing your own web design, get in touch with the team at Creative Ideaz today and take the first step towards a website that works for you.

Vivienne To

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