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Supporting Local Businesses - Creative Ideaz

Supporting Local Businesses

Partnering together with over 100 businesses in the local UK area, as well as the whole of the UK and worldwide, we’ve proven too outshine our competitors by achieving over 100,000 keyword rankings for our clients.

It's not just 'SEO' for us, it's making a difference to your company and watching it grow and thrive.

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Scale-up your business with our local and national SEO services in UK.
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Our Award-Winning First Page Ranking Process

You’ll start seeing results of our SEO service from month 3 onwards!

Initial Conversation

We’ll start a discussion to understand your SEO goals and objectives to identify target keywords and phrases.

Website On Page

Then we will optimise your website for SEO by improving on-page elements such as meta tags, content, and site structure.

Reference Building

After that, we’ll build high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites to boost your site's authority and rankings.

Monitoring & Reporting

Continuously, our team will track and analyse the performance of your SEO campaign and provide regular reports.

Understanding Your Business

Our SEO agency in UK is able to successfully increase online presence and boost quality traffic to websites because of understanding specific industries before starting any work.

We’re proud to hold a 98% customer retention rate because of our passion to understand our clients businesses and specific goals inside and out.

Speak to an SEO Expert
Understanding your business - SEO

Get a Free SEO Website Audit

Everyone loves a freebie, that’s why we’re giving you a free SEO audit of your website to identify any problems with why your rankings aren’t good. We’ll send you a report showcasing issues blocking you from achieving your SEO goals and suggest how we can help. Creative Ideaz are experts at SEO and can showcase the quick wins.

Meet the Team

Unlock the potential of your business with our passionate SEO team!

Sumit Kumar

Sumit Kumar

Growth Marketing Strategist
  • Over 15 Years Experience
  • SEO Strategy Consultant
  • Co-Founder of Creative Ideaz
Connect with Sumit
Lucy Benson

Lucy Benson

SEO & Content Executive
  • 5 Years Experience
  • Technical SEO Expert
  • SEO & Content Strategist
Connect with Lucy
Rav Sanghera

Rav Sanghera

Customer Insights Executive
  • 5 Years Experience
  • Technical SEO Expert
  • Marketing Persona Specialist
Connect with Rav
Testimonials from fellow entrepreneurs

We've been able to secure valuable leads and turn them into customers of ours. I consider them my outsource marketing department now.

Steve Khela
Managing Director & Owner – My Geex

What they’ve done is incredible, for over the last 5/6 years. We came from 2-3 enquires a day to 200 patients landing on our website a day. Credit to the guys, they work hard, I really recommend to use them if you are in the aesthetics industry or any industry. They are very professional, deliver on what they promise, highly recommend.

Dr. Ash Labib
Owner – AL Aesthetics

We have been using the services of Creative Ideaz over the past decade. After encountering problems with SEO companies previously it has been fantastic to find a professional & friendly company who get results.

Peter Jenvey
Owner – Security Care / Security Doors Direct

Discover Your Path to Organic SEO Success!

Scale-up your business with our local and national SEO services UK.
Get free SEO advice by contacting our creative team.

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    A passion for growing your business through SEO

    We get it, you want your customers to find your products or services when searching online, and you're not quite getting the results you need to grow. Our UK SEO agency has over 15 years of experience working with local and national businesses in the UK to get their website onto page 1 of the search results for many keywords, successfully bringing them the relevant traffic they need.

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    So many companies choose our SEO marketing agency because of our passion and ethical work. We don't over-promise or just want to take your money; we genuinely want to see your business grow from the SEO services we provide… else, what is the point? Let us know your goals; whether you need more sales or inquiries, we can increase traffic and get your website on page 1 within 1-3 months, depending on the competition.

    Just check out our results for yourself! We've been working with the same clients for years – why you ask? Because we got them the results they wanted and continued to improve and change their SEO strategy to grow the business. Creative Ideaz SEO agency UK listen to their clients' needs and is proud to hear those clients think we are the best SEO agency for them.

    If you're looking to partner with a professional SEO agency who are proven to deliver results, contact our friendly, creative team today, who are more than happy to offer free SEO advice and a free website audit.

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    SEO FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need an SEO agency?

    If you would like to improve your organic search result positions and want more traffic to your website long-term, you need an SEO agency.  

    Hiring an SEO agency is essential for many reasons. The main one is more organic traffic to your website from a highly targeted audience likely to convert into customers.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    How to pick an SEO agency?

    Choosing the right SEO agency for your business is essential as it can help to elevate your business and increases its organic ranking. So how do you pick an SEO agency? First, consider whether you need local or national SEO, then search online for SEO agencies in your area or broader.

    Here at Creative Ideaz, we offer local and national SEO, and amongst our clientele, we help local Birmingham businesses and companies across the entire UK and worldwide.

    Contact a few SEO agencies and set up some initial meetings. Speak to the people behind the agency and see if what they say aligns with your business goals. Every SEO agency works differently and offers different prices and packages; finding one that suits you is vital.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    What does an SEO agency do?

    This can depend on the SEO agency you choose. An SEO agency can help transform your business to help it reach its full potential online by connecting with the right audience in suitable locations. SEO agencies will rank your website for relevant keywords to help increase traffic.  

    At Creative Ideaz, our SEO agency includes services to help our business and brand reach their full potential. A bespoke strategy is made with your goals in mind and your users to ensure the two align.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    What is an SEO agency?

    In its simplest form, an SEO agency is a company that helps to boost your website rankings on search engines so that when your audience is searching key terms, you will appear.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    How much does an SEO agency cost?

    The cost can vary from company to company and whether you are looking for local SEO or national SEO. Speak to our SEO agency team today to find out about our competitive prices.

    What to look for in an SEO agency?

    Look for an SEO agency that is ready to showcase and highlight what they have been able to achieve in the past for their clients. Look for actual results and stats.  

    Look for an agency that has seen companies expand from small to medium-sized, as this shows they can support your business and will not hinder your potential growth.  

    An SEO agency that has worked in a multitude of industries can showcase the agency's ability to create strategies that are effective across many sectors and industries. It can highlight their success and ability to provide effective SEO results.  

    At Creative Ideaz, we've worked with various industries, from construction to cosmetics and e-commerce stores to charities. We love to shout about the results we've achieved for our clients – the main reason for our passion is to see your business grow from our SEO services.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    Why hire an SEO agency?

    Nowadays, it is tough to reach your audience if your business doesn't have an online presence. We are not saying that a website with SEO is needed for every business, but an online presence is likely required to reach maximum potential.  

    At Creative Ideaz, we won't sell you a website if that's not where your users will search or find you; we may suggest social platforms you can optimise and market.  

    You must hire an SEO agency if it meets your goals. Speak to our SEO and digital marketing consultants to discuss if SEO is right for you.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    What to ask an SEO agency?

    Here are some top questions that you can ask an SEO agency to help you determine if they can provide you with the results you expect:

    - What is the typical ROI a client can expect with you?
    - How soon do clients start to see the benefits of SEO?
    - How realistic are your projections and timelines to real-life results?
    - Can I see your SEO case studies or results?
    - Do you have any recent testimonials or reviews?
    - How much are your SEO services, and what is included?

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    Why use an SEO agency?

    An SEO agency can be a perfect tool for your business as it can create custom strategies focused on your business to attract potential leads. It will also help to yield better results and business for you. Invest in SEO services for real and organic growth in your industry.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    How does your SEO agency handle analytics reporting?

    When you choose Creative Ideaz during the first few months, we will update you regularly to ensure that we are all on the same page and that expectations are achievable. Once we meet our first phase SEO goals, you will get monthly reports sent to you for review, and we are always a call away if you need to discuss your SEO needs. We will continually review your SEO and see where improvements can be made in the strategy.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    How to choose the right technical SEO agency?

    When choosing an SEO agency, you should also be gaining a technical SEO agency. For SEO to reach its full potential, all technical issues and on-page SEO on your website need to be looked into. Make sure you choose the right SEO agency, which is how you will select the right technical SEO agency.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    How to work with a technical SEO agency?

    Working with a technical SEO agency can be easy. At Creative Ideaz, we will complete a technical audit on your site and update you on the steps needed and why. Once completed, we will showcase to you what we have done and why and with our transparent reporting, you can see the improvements for yourself.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    Are SEO agencies worth it?

    Yes, we know that we may be biased, but SEO is an excellent tool for all businesses to help them reach and connect with their customers. Some companies like to hire SEO professionals in-house; however, the most cost-effective way is to outsource your SEO and marketing with us. We will act like we are a part of your team

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    How can an SEO agency help to build your business?

    SEO is an excellent tool for all new and old businesses to ensure they are prevalent wherever customers search for their products or services.  

    SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, helps your business rank well for keywords and search terms that reflect and match what your business offers. Nowadays, everyone is using Google, word of mouth is a way people often hear about business and products, but now customers are searching first and asking after.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    How do you choose an SEO consultant or agency?

    This will depend on the size of your business and what you can afford. For many start-ups and small and mid-sized companies, an SEO agency is the best method to help them achieve their goals. However, larger businesses with their in-house marketing team will find working with an SEO consultant more beneficial.  

    Here at Creative Ideaz, our SEO agency houses some of the best SEO consultants who can work with your business how you like them. Contact our team today for more information.

    SEO Agency Birmingham
    How to choose an e-commerce SEO agency?

    Make sure you choose an SEO agency that has experience in SEO for e-commerce websites. This is because creating an SEO strategy for a service-based company is very different to those who are selling products online.  

    Contact Creative Ideaz, who has experience in e-commerce SEO strategies.

    SEO Agency Birmingham