Six Ways SEO is changing and will change Drastically in 2022

Friday, November 12, 2021
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Lucy Benson
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We are now deep in 2021 and hurtling towards 2022 too. If you haven’t yet got to grips with this year’s SEO trends, we are here to catch you up on what’s changing, how they will affect your business and what is likely to continue to change in 2022. The following tips are designed to give you an insight into SEO best practices.

Google’s featured snippet

The featured snippet in Google has always been a crucial piece of SEO, but it has become even more important this year. If you are not sure what this is, let us explain: When you perform a search on Google, you get a box at the top of the search results. More often than not, this box answers your search query. To reach this much-converted spot, there are certain features your content must include. One example is to answer the search query in your snippet or include longtail keywords. To guide you, this snippet length is 60 words.

Focus on mobile SEO

In 2021, the majority of consumers now perform most of their internet searches on their mobile instead of a desktop. So, it’s now more important than ever that your website is perfectly optimised for the mobile user.

However, not every website is suitable for the mobile experience. Some tests can be performed online to answer this immediately if you are unsure if your website would benefit from mobile optimisation.

Tip tips for mobile optimisation:  

  • Keep paragraphs short and concise.  
  • Use bullet points, numbering or sub-headings to break up your text and increase readability.
  • If you use blogs, make sure these are 500 words or less to ensure smartphone compatibility.  

Voice search

It is estimated that around 31% of mobile users use voice search approximately once a week. As the AI of voice technology improves and becomes quicker for users, it becomes increasingly crucial for businesses to utilise voice search. To optimise your website for voice search, you’ll need to consider a few things. First, try to make sure your content is easy to read - aim for the reading age of the average 14-15-year-old. In addition, it will help if some of your content is longer than a standard 500-word blog. Higher word counts tend to work well for voice optimisation.

SEO trends change in 2022

Customised Content

Customised content is an area that continues to grow in popularity. By creating content that keeps your customers in mind, your SEO ranking will improve. You can do this by conducting some savvy keyword research and choosing relevant and interesting topics customised for your audiences. The best way to do this is to research different issues then choose your keywords to improve the readability of the content for your audience.  

Be Original

Original content is still king and the driving force behind your Google ranking. A page that doesn’t include original content can never rank highly in search results no matter how many SEO tips and tricks you incorporate. Often the best way to gain inspiration for writing great to content is to see what your competitors are doing but be careful not directly reproduce the content. When writing blogs, choose a subject that will inspire and offer your audience new insights, helpful information and answer their questions.  

We hope these tips provide you with a bit of insight into the foremost SEO trends of 2021. Incorporating them into your content could help improve your website’s performance and help you draw a bigger audience.

Lucy Benson

SEO Executive @ Creative Ideaz