Why Should You Choose Laravel Framework First conceptualised in 2011, Laravel has come a long way from being a basic PHP development framework and is now state-of-the-art, feature rich and elegant, having gained the respect and popularity all over the world. The new improved Laravel 5 was launched recently and has all that is needed to simplify the sometimes over complicated world of website development. What is really noteworthy is that Laravel 5 is totally in tune with the times of today – which means it focuses on bringing out features that are of more importance in the modern era. Here is a quick roundup on the most significant benefits of the Laravel 5 framework.

  • You now have a framework that has been built specifically for those who view web development as a creative artistic activity, rather than a structured, procedural, tedious one.
  • You can be confident of following the best practices of web design and development – thanks to the MVC and IOC based architecture.
  • Unorganized and mismanaged data can often be the source of many a nightmare for administrators, developers, managers and customers alike. With Laravel, everything to do with data becomes easy and simple.
    • Data Seeding: Create live data for testing multiple scenarios using the easy to use data seeding feature.
    • Data Migration: Use the powerful versioning facility that allows you to seamlessly migrate from one upgrade to the next and also rollback in case of erroneous conditions.
  • Ease your programming efforts by using in-built widgets and functions for commonly used tasks.
    • Automated Contact Form Creation Most websites will have a simple lead generation form that takes in the Name, E-Mail Address and Message from the customer with a call to action – Contact Us button. You can now pre-create this form along with the required validations so that you can save significant development and testing time and effort, and yet provide what gives value to your end customers.
    • Artisan Scheduler With the scheduler feature, system jobs can be triggered at regular pre-determined intervals. This leads to reduction in manual errors and the system still functions in the optimal manner. A great example of this is to schedule a routine function that clears the cache every hour, so that website performance is guaranteed at a consistent level, irrespective of ups and downs in traffic.
Additionally, there are functions that take care of important tasks such as routing, session management, authentication and authorisation, and queueing, so that the core team’s focus remains on the aesthetics and functional aspects of the website. For more details on this intelligent and simple framework, do get in touch with the PHP experts at Creative Ideaz today.