Scaling Your Business – Ten Lessons We’ve Learned Ourselves

Friday, January 26, 2024
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Kash Sangha

If you’re looking to grow your business and you want a heads up on what pain points you’re likely to face along the way, you’re on the right page. In this article, we discuss ten of the problems we faced as we grew our business and how we used a digital marketing strategy to iron out the creases.

Here are just a select few of the problems you’ll hear more about -

  1. Lead Generation
  1. Time-consuming Processes
  1. Competitive Disadvantage

Limited Reach and Visibility

Building a business from scratch takes time and commitment. But a digital strategy will fast-track your reach and visibility and help you access a wider audience through social media, marketing campaigns and SEO.

Inefficient Lead Generation

Lead generation can be a real drain on your time. So stop it right now - use your digital strategy to find them. You’ll be able to use lead generation techniques like content marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising. Add in optimised landing pages and call-to-actions and you’ll be able to effectively capture those leads and guide them through the sales funnel.

Lack of Customer Engagement

No new business comes into existence with millions of adoring fans just waiting to engage. New businesses need to build trust and engagement with their target audience and that can take huge amounts of time. But the right digital strategy will ensure your business engages with the right customers through social media, online communities, and with interactive content.  

Ineffective Customer Support

Customers like to know they’re going to be looked after if something goes wrong, or they need to find out an answer to a question. If you’re failing your customers on the support front, it will be super-hard to scale your business. Boost your customer support offerings by using -

  • Live chat support
  • Chatbots
  • FAQ pages
  • Dedicated customer support portals

If you want your customers to trust you – and stick around – customer support is 100% vital.

Manual and Time-consuming Processes

No human can put their hand on their heart and truthfully declare they adore admin. Can they? Fortunately for us humans there are digital tools that couldn’t be without it. Let them take on the repetitive tasks, get them automated, and you’ll free up a stash of time for other more exhilarating aspects of your business. CRM systems, project management software and workflow automation tools are all a must.

Limited Data and Analytics

Use data analytics tools to get vital insights into trends, customer behaviour, website traffic and conversion rates so you can optimise your business processes and marketing efforts.

Inadequate Online Sales Channel

Don’t give your customers a headache – give them a gloriously glitch-free online experience. Make their interactions with your company as smooth and stress-free as possible with an effortless e-commerce platform. If you’re adamant you want to scale your business, this is something you can’t afford to compromise on.

Competitive Disadvantage

You want to scale your business but – yikes – it looks like there are a million and one other businesses out there doing exactly the same thing as you. Nooooo! Before you pack it all in, sort out your digital strategy. Yes, pitching yourself against other businesses can be draining, but a digital strategy will keep your business up to speed with the latest tech and digital marketing tactics and help give you that competitive edge. Problem solved!

Limited Brand Awareness

Your visual branding is everything – just think of the biggest companies and we bet you can instantly picture their logo. This is another aspect that your digital strategy can help you with – just make sure it encompasses branding initiatives. Use consistent brand messaging, visual identity and content marketing to your benefit and you’ll soon increase brand awareness.

Lack of Scalability

So, you’ve got to the point where you want to expand your business, but it just doesn’t seem possible. However, growing your business doesn’t mean you have to outgrow your premises or move location. A digital strategy will help your business engage with cloud-based services, virtual teams, and online collaboration tools so you can stay where you are but still enjoy growth.

Sum Up

As you’ll appreciate, when you’re scaling your business for growth, there are many challenges that you’ll encounter along the way. But - as we’ve proved at Creative Ideaz – they're not insurmountable.

Our journey from a small digital marketing agency serving a handful of clients in our local area to now working with over 150 clients across the UK has been incredible.

We hope your business journey will be just as exciting! Get in touch with us if you’d like to see how we can help you.

Kash Sangha