10 Benefits of Web & Mobile Apps for Your Brand

Friday, February 9, 2024
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Lucy Benson
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Are mobile phone apps important for brands? What are the benefits of an app? And does your business really need one? In this article, we’ll highlight the advantages of developing web and mobile applications for brands and show you just how these digital tools can significantly benefit your business - whatever industry you’re in.

1. Get Connected

One of the main benefits of mobile apps is their ability to connect you directly with your customers. According to a report produced by Compuware, a massive 85% of consumers prefer engaging with brands via an app. This is because they are faster, easy to navigate, and, above all, convenient.

A great mobile app allows you far greater access to your customers - wherever they happen to be. With an app you’re in your customers pocket, with them on the train, the school run, or their lunch break. Apps allow your business to stay at the top of your customers’ minds with notifications, alerts, and offers. A website simply can’t compete.

2. Boost Visibility

Another one of the many benefits of having an app include becoming more visible to your customers. Because an app allows you better access to your customers, you’re increasing your visibility at the same time. When they download your app, your brand logo will be on their mobile screen. And the more visible you are, the more memorable. This should lead to increased customer engagement and sales.

3. Build Your Brand

If you’re just starting out, or your business is going through a transitional phase, then another one of those all-important app benefits for business includes the opportunity an app gives you to build your brand. Make your brand’s visual identity unique and memorable and your app will really start to stand out.

4. Improve Your Customer Loyalty

You’re probably starting to realise now that the benefits of an app for your business are multiple. Another benefit is that a well-designed app will help boost your customer loyalty. By ensuring your app has a customer-friendly interface with push notifications and possibly even gamification elements, you’ll keep customers engaged and interested so that they - hopefully - keep coming back for more.

5. Build Profits

Another great reason why brands should have an app is because they build profits. It’s as simple as that. When all the other benefits of having an app for your business come together, and when everything’s aligned, your business grows and with growth comes more profit. Apps allow your customers to interact with your brand simply, quickly, and on their own terms.

6. Better Connected to Social Media

It’s easy to integrate social media platforms into your own brand’s app. But why should you bother? Because it’s yet another way your loyal customer base can tell their friends and contacts all about you. It’s far simpler to share things when you’re already on a mobile app than clicking in and out of clunky websites. And when you’re well connected to social media platforms, there’s more chance that your brand could even go viral. It’s a win all round.

7. Stand Out From Your Competitors

Another of the neat benefits of having a mobile app for your business is that if you’re in an industry where your competitors haven’t yet embraced the benefits of app development, you’ll be in a strong position to set your brand apart. Showcase your brand as forward thinking, clued up with how your customers want to interact, and you’ll be laying firm foundations for a great future.

8. Provide Value to your Customer Base

Our lives are busy, there’s a million-and-one things on our to-do lists and we just haven’t got the time to trawl through websites anymore. And here lies yet another one of the many benefits of app over website. With an app, customers have information at their fingertips. Is a product in stock? How much is it? Are there any similar items? You want answers quickly - you head to the app.

9. Long-Term Growth

If you’re looking to grow your business over the long-term, a mobile app is certainly something to consider. They are long-term assets that can grow and adapt with your business, and as the market changes. New features can be added, multiple platforms supported, and they can be used across many different devices.

10. Capture Insights

Apps are great for gaining insights into your customer base. With an app you can begin to understand your customer behaviour, see their preferences, and evaluate their purchase history. This is priceless information as it enables you to target them with relevant promotions, recommendations they’ll appreciate, and deliver customised content.

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