How to Know if Your Business Needs a Bespoke CRM

Thursday, February 1, 2024
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Dan Wilkinson
How to Know if Your Business Needs a Bespoke CRM

Are you thinking about bespoke CRM systems and wondering whether your business would benefit from one?

We’re here to make your decision easier.

In this article we’ll take a look at custom CRM software and help you identify whether your business is crying out for one.

Is Your Current CRM System Clunky?

Sometimes businesses simply outgrow their CRM system. When this happens, the relationship between the two can become fraught with issues.

Perhaps your current CRM software solutions are proving tricky to manage.

Maybe you have to update and maintain customer data in clunky spreadsheets.

Whatever the reason your CRM system isn’t working for you, now might be the time to wave goodbye.

If you’ve spent time looking into the CRM systems UK market and haven’t managed to find a version that’s right for you, it’s a good indicator that your business simply needs a bespoke system.

And that’s exactly what we do at Creative Ideaz.

What’s So Good About a Custom CRM?

A custom CRM system is ideal for businesses looking for a tailored product that will offer customisation and provide bespoke options in order for the business to achieve the optimal results it’s aiming for.

A generic CRM package simply can’t compete with a bespoke version as it can be adapted and designed to specifically suit your business’s needs.

Furthermore, a bespoke system is an ideal option if you’re looking to store your contacts, communications, business planning documents, budgeting information and your business targets altogether.

And when everything’s all in one place, isn’t life so much easier to manage?

The Benefits of Choosing Custom CRM Software

  • You’ll save serious time and money by having your business’s unique processes and workflows automated and streamlined
  • You’ll never outgrow it! Bespoke software can develop and adapt as your business does. More users can be supported, as well as more customers and transactions. This also means functionality is improved
  • Custom CRM systems can be integrated with your business’s other systems so that you benefit from a truly seamless experience. Think e-commerce platforms, marketing tools, and accounting software all brought together under one umbrella
  • Enjoy access to gold-standard support and training, and up-to-date maintenance from your CRM development company when you go bespoke - it’s what we’re known for at Creative Ideaz
  • Custom CRM development means you can benefit from bespoke software that allows you to only target the customers you need to with relevant promotions or offers
  • Allows secure collection and storage of data and makes sure it’s protected from unauthorised access thanks to encryption, backup features and recovery options
  • A CRM software development package can give your business an edge on competitors and see a higher ROI for you

How Much Do CRM Development Services Cost?

You’re probably thinking all these benefits must certainly come with a huge cost.

And while there’s no denying that a bespoke CRM system does require financial investment when it’s in development, the actual costs of running it are much lower than you might imagine.

Factor this with the added bonus that your bespoke CRM system will certainly be saving you time and money by automating and streamlining your business’s processes and systems, thus increasing staff efficiency, and it all balances out.

How to Know if Your Current CRM System is Working Well

If you’re still not sure whether your business needs a bespoke CRM system, take some time to assess your current software to see if it’s working effectively for you. To monitor this you’ll need to look out for key indicators. These include -

  • Renewal rate - if your business offers a subscription, how many customers renew? This is a quick check to monitor whether your business delivers on long-term value
  • Close rates - how many deals has your business closed? This is your close rate. You may have generated many leads but if only a few of them close, your close rate will be pretty low
  • Customer retention - do your customers stick around? Do they come back again and again and spend more each time? Key to this is your relationship with the customer and an effective CRM will help you with this
  • Net promoter score - this is a customer success metric that you can see by sending out customer surveys and asking them how they’d rate your service and why
  • Customer attrition - calculate how many customers you’re losing by dividing the number of customers you’ve lost by the total number of your customers
  • Average time to resolution - this tells you how long your customer service team takes to address and resolve an issue. A good CRM will help your staff monitor these issues and deal with them effectively
  • Average number of follow-ups per issue - this shows how effective your team’s responses are when it comes to a customer issue. If a CRM is working well it will provide relevant information to customers early on and so fewer follow-ups are needed. This, in turn, will cut down customer frustration levels
  • Referrals - An effective CRM will ensure you deliver a positive customer experience, this will increase your referral rate (the number of customers who found your business by way of a referral)

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If you’re spending time thinking about custom CRM systems, it’s more than likely a key indicator that your business would certainly benefit from one. If you’re still not sure, why not book in for a chat with the team at Creative Ideaz?

We develop bespoke CRM solutions for medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, and we can help you too.

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Dan Wilkinson

Head of Design @ Creative Ideaz