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She is a top notch business strategists working with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Jay-Z. She has to her credit a bestselling book that has been released in 13 languages, an online show with viewers from 193 countries and 4 outstanding fitness DVDs. Who is she? None other than the expert entrepreneur, business and life coach – par excellence – Marie Forleo. Why are we such huge fans of this woman? Just one simple reason that puts her in a league way above the rest. Her crystal clear clarity. Here is an example: “If you’re tawkin’ to everybody, you’re tawkin’ to nobody.” -@MarieForleo Though this sounds like basic common sense, it is not followed by most marketing gurus. According to Forbes, Micro-Segmentation is going to be the key for content marketing success in 2015. Small companies that can target niche communities or specialized segments will gain the edge vs more diversified companies. From our research desk, here are some practical ways in which you can apply this strategy to your content marketing campaigns. • On your website: Clearly mention who your product or service caters to and who it does not: An excellent real world example of folks who actually do this is Help Scout – an online help desk service for small businesses. What is so impressive about the content on this website? For one, customer targeting. They have a caption that states – “Help Scout isn’t for Enterprises”. • Long Tail Key Words: This is another great technique to reach out to selected customers. Think SEO. A long tail key word is a phrase that will bring to you customers that are closer to the point of purchase because they know exactly what they are looking for – and you provide exactly what they are looking for. If you are running an online shoe store, the probability of generating traffic using the keyword ‘shoes‘ is less due to the enormous amount of content on the internet. However, if you use the key word ‘black leather mules‘, you are reaching out to just the customers that are looking for your kind of products. • Industry Focus: Different industries have already established their preferences on the most effective social media platforms for them. Using this vital information can help broadcast your message to your targeted customers. An industry wide survey reveals the following: − Retail: The retail industry loves Instagram as its number one platform due to its higher visual impact at a lower cost. − Manufacturing: YouTube is the medium of choice for demonstrating process life cycles. There are a lot of customers that are interested in how products are made before making purchase choices. − Media and Entertainment: The surprising winner for this industry is Snapchat, a huge hit amongst today’s teen market. An effective content marketing campaign is not just about creativity. It involves research and industry knowledge to ensure that the end result of bringing in more customers is achieved. At Creative Ideaz, you get the best of creativity and connectivity bundled in suitable packages custom made just for you. References: Marie Forleo Forbes Medium