Twitter, though extremely useful as a standalone service, becomes so much more fun when you start mixing and matching it with all the cool tools and awesome apps that are available in the market today. There are strong tools like Buffer, anageFilter, Hootsuite, Topsy and many more that are commonly used for Analytics, Search and Trending purposes. All these tools however come with a cost attached to them. For those who would like to know the inside tricks, here are some rarely known tools which provide equally strong features, but are available free of cost. Win-Win! Followerwonk: The idea behind this site is to explore, analyze and grow your social graph. It helps you to find new friends and customers, and discover hidden talent. It compares your profile with competitors, friends, or industry leaders and helps you to find people most influential or inactive and even reconnect with old followers. Interactive charts give you some great statistics of your followers or competitors. You can sort all of your Twitter followers by name, days on Twitter, Social Authority and collate the results in a spreadsheet pattern. Twitcam: It’s Fashion of the day on Twitter. This magnificent tool can handle as much as 100,000+ viewers. If you want to showcase your home grown business like handicrafts and fashion accessories, or your natural talents like singing and poetry, just connect your webcam, give authorization to the application to work within Twitter, then click on the Broadcast button. In seconds you can reach thousands and even millions of people. You can also interact with your viewers with a chat dialog accompanying the live stream. Twitcam also allows you to save previous transmissions for viewing whenever you want, giving you access to your followers. Twitcam is surely one of the fastest and most effective tools for reaching out to multiple fans at the same time. Twltblock: Do you want to know if your followers are FAN or SPAM? Are you getting irritated with spam followers? Then Twltblock will get rid of your spam followers and ensure that you have only genuine followers. This application will assign a score from 1 to 100 based on common spam red flags of your followers. You can block followers having a high score and get only real followers who have the potential to interact with you. Ideally run Twltblock twice in a year to clean up the site. For some more unconventional, yet effective advice on how best to market your products or services in the digital space, you can get in touch with some of the most brilliant and innovative minds at Creative Ideaz today. References: Twitter Tools Book, CIO