Here are some interesting facts for you about blogging –

    Companies who blog get 55% more website visitors     92% of companies get leads by way of blogging multiple times a day     Companies that blog more than 15 times a month get 5 times more traffic as compared to companies that do not have a blog

So does your brand boast of a stellar blog that posts relevant content and draws in the right audience? Or do you find it difficult to post timely content? And constantly get excuses from your marketing team when your content calendar is not published? In this blog, we talk about how regular writing and blogging can inspire your personal and professional brand. In fact, Social Media marketing and blog posting go hand in hand when you want to expand your business. Regular blogging about your business gives boost to your branding power. Trustworthy details in your blog helps you to standout from your competitors. And yes, people do notice when you stop writing and look forward to maintaining the habit of reading your content on a regular basis. Whether you are a business owner or a creative artist, blogging is one sure shot way for you to market yourself and your products. Here are a few tips to get you going –

    The more you write the more the creative ideas will flow.    Make it a habit to post every day whatever thoughts you experience and see how you start coming up with new ideas almost effortlessly.     Initially you don’t have to worry about the content for your blog. Just look all around you – websites, your new product, case studies,   thesis, white papers, news stories, popular reviews of books, songs and movies – the sources of inspiration are endless!     When you start blogging on a daily basis, you will start seeing inspiration in all of your day to day business activities – your travel, the conferences you attend, and the people you meet. Listen, observe and take notes!

The top trick to take note of? Practice makes perfect!! The more you write, the less time you spend on each post and ultimately add new community members to your circle. However, if you would rather focus on your business and leave the blogging to the experts – do get in touch with some of the best blogging and content marketing professionals at Creative Ideaz today. References: Mogul, HubSpot