LinkedIn is the second-largest social network, with more dedicated users than Twitter. Contrary to the general impression, LinkedIn is more a business building tool rather than a professional jobseekers network. Businesses that do not have an active strategy on this social media channel are doing themselves a disservice. Here are some tips to get the best out of LinkedIn, for your business.

1. Shape up the profile

Your LinkedIn page is a valuable advertising tool. Many potential customers and employees would check out the company’s LinkedIn profile before taking any decision. An informative profile, which clearly articulates what the business stands for, describes the products and service on offer, and the key skills or USP, besides helping to boost the image, contributing to direct sales, and leading to other desirable actions.

Start with a professional headshot, and complement it with a great headline. Add skills and endorsements that reflect skill sets accurately. Include keywords in the summary section to allow people to find you. Solicit recommendations to gain credibility.

Make the profile client-focused, speaking directly to potential clients. Nobody really cares about your achievements or your skill-sets. They are only interested in how such skill sets or achievements can be beneficial to them.

The best practise is to start the summary section with an introductory paragraph, share a story and position to establish credibility, and then speak specifically about the problems your target market faces, and how your products or service can solve such problems, or benefit them.

2. Groom your network

The trick is to optimise the profile, so that the profile ranks on top when people search for relevant product or service. Customers can connect with you only if your profile is visible and people know you are selling the product or service they require.

Use the exact keywords potential customers or clients may use when they are searching for products and services. Think like your customers. It is also useful to cultivate a good network of experts and professionals, who are reliable voices in their niche domains. Seeking them out and including them in your contacts improves your visibility manifold.

Don’t restrict yourself to accepting incoming connection requests. Reach out to new connections with personalised messages. Thank them for connecting, and offer something of value.

3. Check the ‘Pulse’

The Pulse feature, available in the Interests tab, displays relevant industry news from within LinkedIn. This is a good feature for businesses to remain in the loop regarding cutting edge developments pertaining to the industry.

It is possible to customise Pulse. A simple three tab option, with a tab each for top posts, new content, and preferences makes tracking very easy. Set option to view content by mainstream media, or by niche professionals, to gain access to the best news from the most preferred sources.

Businesses can use such information to repost new content, launch special offers, reposition their product mix, and launch a whole gamut of other strategies.

4. Share

Many businesses use the social media effectively to share interesting content with their audience, and keep them engaged. LinkedIn is an effective media to do likewise, but businesses need to keep the overriding theme of the network in mind, and place the focus on professional content, such as white papers, infographics, charts, interesting statistics, and likewise. Sharing relevant content from time to time is important to retain mindshare.

5. Set the pace

A proactive approach always helps. While sharing great content works, it is important to initiate new content, which others can share. Start a LinkedIn group, and lead discussions on specific topics of interest. Becoming an influencer yourself is the best way to gain credibility, and also an excellent way to bring interested customers together.

All the above tips notwithstanding, its implementation that matters. We at Creative Ideaz offer you effective workable solutions for LinkedIn and other social media strategy. Contact us at 0845 0942153.