Why Develop a Brand Strategy?

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Kash Sangha
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You’ve nailed a logo, you’ve got an impactful tagline, but (if you’re honest) you’re not 100% sure what your business is really about or why it’s different from the rest. Of course, you’ve got a few ideas, but nothing’s firmly set in stone.

If you want to understand your business inside and out, you need to get working on a brand strategy proposal. To help you on your way, we’ve put together this article, and will look at -

  • What exactly a brand strategy is
  • The importance of a brilliant brand strategy
  • How to develop a brand strategy that will help you

What is a Brand Strategy?

You’ve got your business, you’ve set it up nicely, but wait, there’s something missing. If you feel a gaping hole in your business’s masterplan, it’s probably down to the lack of a decent brand strategy. A brand strategy is an approach that gets to the crux of your business. It delves deep into the why, who, what, where, why now, who for, what’s the point and purpose questions and answers them all properly so that by the end of the process, you absolutely 100% know what makes your business, the business it is.

At Creative Ideaz we use a nine-step approach to pick apart your business so that when we sew everything back up again, we know all the strengths that are hidden underneath that will carry your business forward. Our steps cover -

  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Values
  • Target Audience
  • Market Research
  • Awareness Goals
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Tagline

At Creative Ideaz we work with you to ensure you get to the heart of what makes your business unique, why you’re better than your competitors, what the different elements of your business are and how they result in your unique positioning in your industry. It’s only when a business has this level of insight is it able to move forward and showcase itself as the true individual it is.

The Importance of Brand Strategy  

The brand strategy process is a vital tool in understanding your business. Perhaps you feel like you know all of the elements that come together to create your brand. But do the people you work with? A brand strategy session with Creative Ideaz will help get these factors down in words so that you have a document that you can refer back to, and share with the people you work with.

A quality brand positioning strategy will ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding your brand and business. Without a brand strategy, things can get messy and people’s ideas of what the brand is will doubtless differ. In time, this confusion then crosses over to your consumers, who then also become unsure about who/what/why your business is. It’s a snowball effect, so it’s vital you tackle your brand strategy now.

How to Develop a Brand Strategy

So now you know you need to have a brand strategy, you need to figure out ‘what is brand strategy development’ and how do you do it? Brand strategy development is the process you go through in order to get to the crux of your business, so that you can work your way out again. During this process, you will figure out how you expand and grow from this point onwards, who you’ll engage with, what you offer that other companies don’t, and where you fit in the market. It’s a toolset, a guide, a set of directions that – when done properly – will help you navigate your journey onwards.

At Creative Ideaz brand strategy agency, we work with brands to cement their understanding of their business so that they can pitch themselves against their industry competitors with confidence. It’s only once you’ve got a quality brand strategy in place, that this can happen. We will help you identify your brand’s purpose, work out a vision statement, and dig deep to find the core values that help make your brand so special. With Creative Ideaz on your side, you’ll soon begin to appreciate your brand’s own personality, discover it has its own voice, and get to understand it inside and out so that it can reach its ideal target audience.

Why you REALLY need a brand strategy

A Brand marketing strategy or development strategy isn’t just going to benefit you in terms of your understanding of your business. It’s important for other factors too. These include -

  1. Consumer connection – if you manage to ensure your brand resonates with customers you can expect them to stick around for much longer than if they have no emotional connection to your brand
  1. It’s been shown that businesses with poor branding actually have to pay 10% more in salary wages
  1. According to Pressboard Media, branded content is 22-times more engaging than an average display advert and branded recall is a whopping 59% higher than it is for normal display adverts

A solid brand stategy is the difference between a business who knows itself, and one that’s still asking, ‘who am I?’ years down the line. And if a business doesn’t know why it exists, neither will a consumer. Sort your brand strategy out with Creative Ideaz and see your business in a whole new light.

Kash Sangha