Updating UX For Festive Shoppers 

Friday, December 10, 2021
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Rav Sanghera
Christmas UX for your website

As the festive season approaches, it's important to note the way people shop and search online changes. We've found that users become governed by different needs, so why not update your website to connect to your audience and entice them to choose you.  

This blog will share insight on how you can update your UX to suit the holiday season. As many different demographics will be landing on your website, you need to make sure what they're looking for is fulfilled.

  1. Create Graphics Relating To The Christmas Season  

It may be simple, however, creating graphics with a festive feel can increase your conversion.  

Many websites use the colour red not only for its relation to Christmas but also 'to create a strong sense of urgency and high energy. I was found that the colour red also increases heart rates – which is why red is often referred to as the colour of passion.

  1. Festive Deals And Offers

Shopping is expected to increase by around 8% during the festive season compared to this time last year, which offers you a better potential for converting users. As shoppers spend more, they will also be looking for deals and sales. Their goal is to get a good value gift, so you'll want to make them act sooner instead of later.

  1. SEO Related To Festive Shoppers
Festive UX design

People will begin to search terms such as 'Christmas gifts', which has a search volume of 74,000, and other terms such as 'Christmas gifts for dad', which has a search volume of 18,100. By incorporating good SEO on your site, you can make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

  1. Increase Support Help Offered  

During the festive season, people are more likely to contact you for support, and they want to know if their products will be delivered on time and other concerns.  

Ensuring that you support online and offline is up to mark whether you implement a chatbot or ensure FAQs provide sufficient information allows potential buyers to feel rest assured. At the same time, they wait until they can contact support.

  1. Optimise the sites speed  

More potential users come to the site, ensuring your website loads quickly. Research has highlighted that in 2020 e-commerce sales accounted for more than 30% of retail sales.  

If your site is not fast, enough users are happy to use competitors to get what they want, especially if they feel no loyalty to you and other businesses are providing a similar product or service.

Rav Sanghera

UX Researcher @ Creative Ideaz