Keyword Research: How we Do It, Tools & Examples

Monday, May 23, 2022
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Lucy Benson
Keyword research, why its needed

Keyword research. It’s kind of a big deal. In fact, without it, chances are customers aren’t even managing to find your website. In this article we’ll help you get to grips with:

Let’s begin!

What is Keyword Research and Analysis?

When you search for something in Google and you type in a few words such as ‘washing machine repair Birmingham’ or ‘linen summer dress’ - those are keywords. They’re vital to getting your business noticed because around 68% of activity on the internet, starts with this simple first step – the search for something.

Keyword research and analysis is the process you – or a keyword research agency like Creative Ideaz – can do in order to uncover exactly what phrases your target audience is searching for. Simple, huh? Or is it...?

How to Conduct Keyword Research?

So you want your business’s website to rank highly for specific keyword search terms, but you’re not entirely sure what those keywords are and how you even go about discovering them. This is where you’ll need to spend a little time planning. In order to research keywords, you’ll need to do the following -

  1. Take a look at your business and write down a list of every topic that relates to what your business does
  1. Next, spend some time working through each of these separate topics and list any words or phrases that you think your target audience may be searching for or using
  1. After this, you’ll need to find any search terms that are related to these phrases and topics
  1. Spend time looking at the strength of these keywords
  1. Find out where you rank within your specific industry area
  1. Find out what’s behind these keywords – why is your target audience searching for these phrases and what are they hoping to find

Is there a Keyword Research Tool that can Help Me?

Fortunately the process of understanding those keyword research steps can be eased when you turn to a keyword research tool. Finding the best keyword research tool out there is probably in part down to personal preference, but here are a few that consistently rank highly among users:

  • Google Search Console keyword research tool
  • Semrush keyword research tool
  • Jaaxy
  • Google keyword planner
  • Soovle

What about Long Tail Keyword Research and Organic Keyword Research?

Long tail keyword research is the process of finding specific keywords or sets of words/phrases that are longer and generally more specific than keywords that are commonly used. These types of keywords may get less search traffic, but because they are much more specific and focused, once the person searching for this term has found what they’re looking for, they usually go on to buy. That means long tail keywords often have a higher conversion value.

How about organic keyword research?

An organic keyword is a keyword that’s used to gain free traffic via SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation. This form of keyword sits in contrast with PPC keywords – Pay-Per-Click as these are bid on via paid search.

Why is Keyword Research so Important for my Business?

By now, you’re probably able to appreciate that keyword research is an in-depth process that takes up a lot of time. That’s why many businesses employ specialists who offer keyword research services. At Creative Ideaz, we are already versed in the different tools needed to conduct keyword research, and we understand all the relevant terms and how to go about implementing a plan of action.

When it comes to getting your business out there, keyword research is vital as part of the process of our SEO services. If, at Creative Ideaz, we didn’t conduct keyword research, we wouldn’t be seeing the successes we are seeing for our clients.

If you want to grow your business, you need to embrace keyword research. Whether you do it yourself, or get a specialist keyword research agency like Creative Ideaz to action it, it’s paramount to your business’s future that it’s being done. It will ensure your business grows online, will help you understand what your target audience is searching for and how competitive those specific keywords are.

Lastly, keyword research will also help your content marketing plan so that you can boost your rankings, traffic and search results. Keyword research is one of the most important building blocks to creating a successful business online. You need it, get in touch today!

Lucy Benson

SEO Executive @ Creative Ideaz