Importance of SEO and Why You Need SEO

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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Sumit Kumar
Importance of SEO

If you’ve been working on building your business’s online visibility, you’ll have certainly heard of SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation. But perhaps you need a little help in getting to grips with the ins and outs of this side of things.

To help you understand everything from why on page SEO is important to why blogging is important for SEO we’ve put together this helpful guide. Here are some of the main points about what we’ll cover -

  • The importance of SEO
  • Why you need SEO
  • Why are keywords important in SEO

The Importance of SEO

SEO might just boil down to a few select words when you think about it, but it’s these words that have the power to make or break your business. Without SEO your online visibility will be zero, your customer numbers pitiful, and any plans for growth will be nigh on impossible. It may sound harsh, but it really is as simple as that: you need SEO.

Why You Need SEO

Think of SEO as the building blocks to your business’s online profile. If your SEO is weak, your business will crumble, need constant repairs, and be overlooked in favour of much more sophisticated online business offerings. With strong SEO, however, you’ll build a steadfast online profile that will withstand the storms of changing trends, and stay put thanks to its firm foundations.

If you want to reach customers, see your business excel online, and have a chance of beating your competitors, then you need to invest in SEO. At Creative Ideaz, our team understands everything there is to know about the intricacies of SEO and if you want your business to expand and grow, we’re able to work with you to ensure this happens.

Why Keywords are Important in SEO

Keywords ensure your website is visible. According to research, the top three results on a search engine page get 50% of click-throughs. Meanwhile, approximately 30% of the listings on page one and page two don’t even garner a single click. Pretty depressing, huh?

That’s why it’s imperative that your keywords are spot on. After all, organic search is more often than not a website’s main source of traffic. Keywords can be included in your website’s content, as well as in news sections or blog updates.

As everybody the world over appreciates, Google has got the lion’s share of the market when it comes to search engines. It is the most-visited webpage on the planet and so it’s vital that your business is as visible as it can be on this platform – so get your keywords working for you.

Why does SEO take time?

You know when you meet someone, you don’t instantly become best friends. You take a little time to suss that person out, figure out whether they’re right for you, decide if there’s going to be some sort of long-term friendship there. Well, it’s kind of the same with Google.

You can’t expect to see your brand-new website that you created yesterday enjoying a front row seat on page one of Google’s search results. For this to happen, Google needs to get to know you. It needs to see that your website is a trusted resource, offers visitors quality information that they want and need, provides a service better than other businesses. So, you need to appreciate that your SEO will take time to sink in.  

Why are Alt Tags important for SEO?

All those gorgeous image files you add to your website to make it look super-slick and professional might make things look nice, but they won’t help you a bit unless you’ve added Alt Tags to the file. That’s because, while Google and other search engines are seriously savvy when it comes to crawling the web for text, they just can’t do it for images. That’s why Alt Tags are important for SEO – add one to your image and it will help boost your SEO.

As you’ll appreciate, all of these factors take time to implement and won’t just happen overnight. To help you understand what your website needs to achieve to gain a better ranking, you can check out Google’s support article here.

What are the Most Important SEO Ranking Factors?

Now you’re aware just how in-depth the process of SEO is, you may want to spend your time focussing on the most important SEO elements that will help your website rank. There are loads to choose from, but as a guide, it’s a good idea to focus on the following:

  1. Quality and informative content
  1. The user experience
  1. Optimised on-page elements
  1. A fast and responsive website
  1. Keyword strategy

Why choose our SEO services?

Why do you need SEO services? SEO is a long-term investment. It doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes insight, expertise, and a thorough understanding of how websites work, and users interact, in order to get it right. There’s no denying it takes time, and when you’re running a business, it’s often ‘time’ that’s in short supply.

So don’t leave your SEO to chance, let Creative Ideaz build your brand’s online presence and get you noticed by the people who need you.

Sumit Kumar

Growth Hacking Strategist @ Creative Ideaz