Search Engine Marketing

What if the external content that you publish contains just the right information that your buyer is looking for? What if the internal communication that you send out is just what your employees want to know? Now wouldn’t that be lovely! For those who are in the business for long, this is just not a dream anymore. For now is the time when there is ample amount of information that gives seasoned marketers a detailed path on the way forward. In a recent survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, the top two activities that are gaining traction amongst content marketing professionals are: Creating more engaging content – 69% Better understanding of audiences – 63% The results of having a targeted marketing plan with the use of buyer personas have been phenomenal. For example, note the following data that has been reported by companies very much like yours who have tasted the success of this strategy. A growing organization witnessed a 100% upsurge in qualified sales leads followed by 20% expansion in pipeline opportunities.   When a company looking to leverage online marketing started using persona information, they surprised themselves by recording an outstanding 70% increase in Y-O-Y revenues. Here are the top 3 steps for building buyer personas that help your marketing efforts convert into actual winnable deals. •  Use a CRM Tool: If you are going for persona based analysis, a CRM tool is a must have. For smaller organizations an excel workbook will suffice, for medium to large organizations, an automated free or open source software will do the trick. The idea is to gather key buyer information such as: a) Demographic Information such as Title, Organization, Department and Education Level b) The buyer’s goal that is getting fulfilled with your product c) Additional benefits expected due to which prospects did not buy d) Perceived limitations of your product e) Preferred means of communication during sales process •  Separate Favourite Customers: Now that you have your customer repository ready, identify those customers whom you really love. They could be ones that have an excellent purchase record with you, and also those who keep referring you to other buyers. For these customers, list down the key attributes to how the sales process functions. Figure out the typical questions asked by the influencers, the noise makers, and the decision makers. All three kinds of personas are important and answering the right questions in the right ways will make your content much smarter, your life much easier. •  Keep At It: Once you have started the process of Persona based marketing, keep going. This is an ongoing process and each step leads you to the next. You never know which interaction and which data will point things your way. So keep this as a best practice that you follow, and keep fine tuning your efforts in finding those gold mines filled with buyer insights that are out there waiting to be discovered. You could choose to do all of this yourself. Or take the route taken by the smarter few. Hiring a professional agency to figure out the best content marketing strategies that will work for you saves your time and energy, and at the same ensures that the prospects keep coming in. One bright spark from CreativeIdeaz may be all you need to make that difference. References: Content Marketing Institute   Akoonu