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One of the best digital marketing strategies to hit home this season is the topic of Authority. In the context of digital marketing, the spirit of authority takes on a whole new dimension. It is an age where authority is being used by brands and thought leaders to spread awareness and bring about change in the right direction. New age media such as blogs, slide-shares and pod-casts are some of the tools that are being used by content marketers to reach out to audiences. Whether you are an individual or part of a multi-faceted organization, here are some pointers on using Authority to gain recognition and respect in today’s marketplace. • The first question to ask yourself is: Do you want to be known as an authority? There are many in the market who have different goals and focus areas such as increasing sales volumes, improving quality of service, moving towards non-profit activities. Being an authority is not everyone’s cup of tea. If it’s not yours, there are always other marketing techniques that can be more appropriate for you. • If you want to establish yourself as an Authority, there is a core component that you must be aware of. And that is – what are the key messages that you stand for? Basically, you need to have a mission that you truly believe in. Once the mission is known, it becomes much easier to build your presence around the message of your mission. A mission is something that you are so passionate about, you believe in so much – that it does not matter if people hate you or love you for it – you continue with it anyways. • Great News – You have a mission in place! The next check point is this: How secure or insecure are you about your mission? Will you still believe in your mission if others try to imitate you? Will you be generous enough about spreading your knowledge, expertise and ideas for free? Will you be a helping hand to those who believe in your mission as much as you do, or will you shy away from the fear of competition? If you say yes to the above questions, then congratulations!! You have successfully passed the litmus test for establishing yourself as an authority figure. You can be one of the lucky few who are now ready to take the next bold step of Advantage – Authority. For those who are eager to play the game, the consultants at Creative Ideaz can serve you with the best set of ideas to win the authority advantage in your genre.