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As a marketer, you realize that emails can be highly effective in engaging your customers. Yet, you are wondering why your emails have failed to achieve the success you were aiming for. Could it be that you have omitted to follow the basic rules of email marketing? Read on to know the 5 simple Do’s and Don’ts of email marketing. First, the DO’s 1. Send relevant content Segment your customers as per their interests and requirements and send targeted emails. Ensure emails are attractive and have an appealing subject line. A tailored content helps to personalize the message and achieves higher open rates. 2. Include Call to Action (CTA) CTA is used to prompt the reader to visit your website to complete an action. The email content and the CTA should be compelling enough to cause the reader to take action by clicking the link. Ensure your landing page is consistent with the message delivered in your email. 3. Mobile First 88% people tend to check mails via their mobiles. Ensure your emails are mobile friendly by using bigger fonts, a single column design, larger CTAs and optimized images that load quickly. 4. Provide Unsubscribe link Make it easy for the reader to opt out of your emails by providing an ‘Unsubscribe’ link prominently in your emails. Otherwise your emails stand the risk of getting unceremoniously dumped in the spam folder. 5. Track effectiveness Monitor your open rates, click through rates, conversions and unsubscribe rates for undesirable trends. Find out which emails have been successful and which haven’t, and analyse the reasons behind them. Now, the DON’Ts 1. Don’t send emails without reader consent Avoid using purchased or rented lists to send marketing emails. Instead send emails to those who signed up for it. 2. Don’t send too many emails Emails sent frequently run the risk of becoming annoying. A good practice is to check with the reader how frequently they wish to receive your emails. 3. Don’t forget to clean up your subscriber list People’s preferences change over time as do their email ids. Refreshing your list to remove obsolete ids and inactive subscribers who haven’t engaged in over a year can increase your deliverability rate by 3-5% and cut your bounce rate by 95%. 4. Don’t include too many visuals in your emails Too many visuals make the page load slowly and might force the reader to scroll excessively. They may also display inconsistently in different browsers and email hosts. 5. Don’t ignore testing your emails Be sure to test the readability and appearance of your emails in different devices and email hosts to ensure they look consistent everywhere before you send them across. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email has an ROI of 4300%. But to achieve this amazing ROI, marketers need to do it right by following the do’s and don’ts of email marketing.