What is Influencer Marketing?

Tuesday, July 6, 2021
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Lucy Benson
Influencer marketing

Influencer's Boost Brand Awareness

Taking the idea of celebrity endorsement, influencer marketing is the modern-day content driven marketing campaign.

To be an “influencer”, you don’t have to be a celebrity, but in fact just someone who is capable of influencing a group of people and has the power to affect the purchasing decision of others.

People follow influencers online because they care about their opinion and would rather listen to that, in comparison to a certain brand. They trust the influencer, whether it's on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, this person could have a huge impact on your brand if done right.

You need to work with an influencer who has built a keen, enthusiastic audience that relate to your product. There is no point in teaming up with a beauty influencer if you're trying to sell something that would appeal to "foodies".

Collaborate with an online influencer to market products or services

What makes certain people influential is their large followings on the web and social media, and the niche they serve. Every single industry has influencers online, whether it's a fashion photographer on Instagram, or a marketing executive on LinkedIn.

It's essential to collaborate with the person who will successfully meet your goals.

Your goal might be to increase your brand awareness or to get more sales - whatever it may be, a successful influencer marketing campaign will produce results.

Tips on working with influencers

  • Be organised (Strategy, plan, budget, research)
  • Find influencers organically, subscribe to a platform, or work with an agency
  • Be patient and be human
  • Schedule monthly/quarterly/biannual content

How to get started:

Influencer Marketing is also not about quick results; if you want fast results, this isn't the right marketing method for your business.

1. Define your goals

2. Understand WHY you are carrying out an influencer campaign

3. Define the target audience for your campaign, keeping your goal in mind.

4. Choose the best type of influencer for your brand

5. Make contact and provide a contract

If you require any help or advice on influencer marketing, the experts at Creative Ideaz are here to offer professional digital marketing guidance.

Lucy Benson

SEO Executive @ Creative Ideaz