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Did you know that the majority of Google searchers don’t look beyond page one and a great many of these people don’t even go past the first three results?!

It goes without saying that as a business you’ll want to ensure you’re as high up the results as possible – being aware of the right search engine optimisation techniques plays a major part in this.

Have the Right Content.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, content is king. If a particular page or feature on your website is under-performing, try lacing it with appropriate keywords and internal links to keep traffic flowing throughout your site, not just directly to it. Having a blog on your website is a great way to do this, but you can also incorporate keywords into your images as well as caption. Item and/or image descriptions should always be as detailed and informative as possible so your content is easier to source. 
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Google forums and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are useful ways to obtain data on your market’s specific interests.

Find out the latest trends and what topics are the most talked about, and ask yourself why and how such information can link back to and be used on your website.Finally, remember to write in good old layman’s terms so as not to bewilder or patronise your readers, in a friendly and genuine manner – that way people will believe they are reading the words of a human being as opposed to a robot. 
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Be on your toes

Don’t ever believe your website is ‘finished’. Regularly improving and updating it with fresh content plays a key role in keeping it high up the results; examples of sites that are successful at this include Wikipedia and Thesaurus. It also doesn’t pay to presume that search engines will automatically find and index your content – by creating a sitemap (an XML document that lives on your server) search engines like Google will be rapidly informed whenever new pages have been added and how often to check back for updates.
Know your competition by running Google searches and finding out where rival sites are ranking; it might also come in handy to investigate how your competitors are more easily detectable. That said, one person’s SEO strategy may not work as effectively for you, simply because there are so many variables. 

If your website is fairly new, remember to manage your expectations and be patient – it’s going to take time and until you’ve established grounds, authority and trust, you mustn’t expect to outrank older, more distinguished sites.

Don’t just think about it!

Ideally, you should have an SEO strategy in place the moment your website is up and running. If you’re not sure where to begin, our friendly and professional team at Creative Ideaz are here to assist – we endeavour to put our clients’ websites on the map, getting them the exposure and recognition they deserve.
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Our quick and easy Free SEO Scanning Service takes just seconds and will provide you with an informative data report detailing what aspects of your site are under-performing and where improvement is needed. Why not give it a whirl today?

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