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A business or brand logo has considerable bearing on business growth as it represents what you are to your target customers. A good brand logo enhances product visibility, which is a major contributor to customer purchase decisions and their overall preference for a product. According to a study, customers make intuitive decisions about a product in about 90 seconds after seeing its logo. A well-crafted logo gives an instinctive spark to your business and the product or service you wish to sell to your customers. Take for instance the bitten Apple—it deftly entices us to explore and indulge in all the delectable, ‘must-have’ Apple products. So, what exactly should your logo reflect in order to pave a quick and clear path to the target audience, and become timeless in the process?

1. You are unique: You have an edge over your competitors—your logo should translate this uniqueness by weeding out scores of others out there. It is not just about crafting an all exclusive logo design, but about doing it out of the box to get the message clear. Look at the three ellipses of Toyota—they denote three hearts—the heart of the customer, the heart of the product and the heart of innovative and progressive technology.

2. Visible portrayal of your brand: Your logo should clearly define your brand. The logo should encompass the true nature of the brand—be it contemporary, utility based, or one that evokes a particular emotion. It should reflect the essence of the brand it represents; like the arrow in Amazon that points from a to z, denoting the wide variety of products available on the site. The arrow is styled like a smiley face, representing ultimate happiness in customers after shopping with them.

3. You are flexible and adaptable to changing business trends: A business revolves around changing market trends and conditions. Your logo should noticeably speak aloud these changes. The Google logo underwent many alterations, incorporating the many changes made to the popular browser in the last 17 years. Its recent logo update in September that replaced the ‘g’ with the four colour ‘G’, echoes the way people interact with Google products from various platforms, apps and devices. It also reveals the number of ways Google works for you to make life easy through Search, Maps, Gmail, Chrome and plenty of others in just one click.

4. You are colour perfect: Different colours communicate different feelings in people. For example, blue stands for secure, honest, strong, caring and trustworthy. Facebook, Ford and Visa have used blue to reflect these characteristics that form the binding force of their business. Starbucks and Subway have chosen green to portray growth, freshness, nature and the earth. As with colours, fonts and shapes are also important factors that decide a logo’s overall impact and visibility.

At Creative Ideaz, we have some of the best logo solutions for you. Understand how logos can work for your business, and watch us at work as we craft a logo that will boost your brand. Call us at 0845 094 2153.

LinkedIn is undeniably one of the best social media tools to gear up brand visibility and thereby promote your online business presence to a wider audience. LinkedIn has over 380 million members spread worldwide and with nearly 94 of Fortune 100 companies utilizing its corporate talent solutions, the popular network has definitely proved its worth in the business world. However, many enterprise owners are yet to fully figure out the potent utility of this effective social media. Here are three main reasons why business owners should consider LinkedIn as a powerful marketing tool to grow business.

1. The much needed Media connect: Media coverage is an imperative requirement for creating the required brand awareness and its appealing positioning among the masses. With over 94.2 journalists and media professionals on LinkedIn and with 62% of them preferring to use the social media as their choice of professional platform, LinkedIn is one of the best choices to get sighted quickly. Here are a few tips to drive media traffic to your LinkedIn page.

    Use LinkedIn company page to create your company profile and link it to your personal profile and company websites.     Regularly upload effective and valuable content to your LinkedIn business page. Frequent updates on completed projects, news updates, insightful tips, details of new products and so on will help you get noticed faster.     Add striking visuals of your company logo to that of personal profiles. Do check The National Geographic Channel to do it the right way

2. Developing business Partnerships: Nurturing business partnership is very much required for business development. With the right set of partners you can cross reference your set of clients, bring in the required turnover with complementary products and thereby help each other grow big.

Martine Martinez, founder, Entrepreneur Card and one of Linkfluencer community members, developed partnership with 30 prominent brands, got covered in more than 10 media publication and had nearly 150 entrepreneurs at his company launch.

3. Finding new Customers: LinkedIn is a valuable resource to find new customers. Here are few tips to effectively reach out to a wider client base.

    Form a group based on specific area of interest mostly relating to your business, upload interesting topics based on this, gear up discussions and invite members to add their valuable suggestions. This is by far one of the best methods to widen customer base. Check out Nikon Photographers group to get a fair idea as to how to strategically develop your business based on a group.     Pool in your employees and partners for LinkedIn activities. Their profound knowledge and valuable suggestions can help to enlarge your business credibility and thereby attract new clients.     Interact regularly with your client base. Surf through your profiles for your list of connections- personal and business, to get valuable leads.


Results from a recent research showed that SEO activities earned businesses a lucrative 14.6 % return as compared to direct e-mail or print advertising which averaged around 1.75%. If you have started your digital marketing journey with launching a website – the next step is to get going and ensure that you are well covered on the SEO front as well. Honestly, who would want a website to appear on page 26 of a Google search result when with a little bit of help you can get it to appear on page 1? Here are the top three tips this year that can help you towards creating high ranking content.

Tip #1 Strive for Quality Content over Quantity

Content is the key to success in digital marketing. Creating consistent, informative and unique content most definitely results in more traffic, more business, and more revenue. Using conversational style has been known to obtain the best ranking. People prefer to ask a question instead of utter certain keywords to find the correct answer. Good SEO is about creating content with great user experience, and encouraging the sharing and distribution of great content to drive organic publicity. The trick is to keep updating relevant content to your site like case studies, reviews or articles about your products or services on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Tip #2 Use Organic Links

Links are still one of the most important elements of an SEO campaign. The best link building strategy is to write engaging, high-quality content that people will want to link to your site. Always keep an open eye on the links in 2015, use monitoring tools to ensure that quality links are connected to your site. Using negative links could penalize your site. Make it a habit to earn links rather than asking for them.

Tip #3 Let People Talk about Your Brand

Make sure you have great brand identification through the use of techniques such as color, slogans, brand ambassadors – the works. Encourage people to talk about your brand. Brand mentions plays a significant role for SEO in 2015. Google+ is 2015’s giant search engine platform. Grow your community of influential people and start encouraging people to join your circle and write on your page, social media pages and blogs as well. Encourage your network circle to mention about your brand on their social sites. Reputation creates the chances that you will be mentioned throughout a variety of platforms automatically without any great effort from your side. SEO has proved to be effective for around 49% of the organizations that adopted it and was responsible for generating a cool 55% of the total leads. So what are you waiting for, get SEO savvy today. To get started, all you need to do is get in touch with the expert team at one of UKs leading digital marketing agency, Creative Ideaz.

A website that showcases your products and services is a must for all kinds of businesses today. For those that are convinced on this all important necessity, PHP stands out amongst the myriad of options that are available to modern website developers. An extremely popular web development framework, PHP is known for its interactive features, efficient data transactions and simple HTML development. It is not surprising to hear that PHP is used by as many as 82% of major web servers in the world these days. (As of February 2014). What is even more exciting is that there are a number of popular frameworks that allow organizations to roll out new websites in one tenth of the time as compared to the time taken for ground up development. Here is a list of the top three frameworks that have proven to be beneficial to businesses in the global market. 1. Laravel With 22.7% of the market share, this framework is best used when looking for the following features:

ο  Good routing. ο  Easy authentication. ο  Migrations support. ο  Blade templating engine.

What is good is that there are multitude of learning resources videos and tutorials that will help programmers and designers find just what they need to complete their projects with ease and confidence. 2. Symfony Ranked number 2 at 15.1%, Symfony is built specifically with an aim to help developers avoid writing repetitive code. It has more than 30 reusable components for creating modern applications and a sophisticated framework for web project creation. An open source framework, there are tonnes of sample projects and documentation to aid beginners and experts alike in their journey of creating visually stunning and efficiently functional websites. 3. CodeIgniter With 14.4%., CodeIgniter comes in at a close number 3. Again supported with excellent documentation and an active user community, this framework has many features that have won the admiration of its multitude users. Some of the significant factors worth noting are:

•  Version Conflict Management

  Negligible Installation Efforts

  Easy Error Handling

  Encryption & Security Support

  Rich built-in libraries

Apart from these top three frameworks, there are other frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend Framework, Phalcon and Slim that have won the respect of the development community world-wide.  For those who are looking to create rapid websites as part of their online business promotions, PHP is by far the best option that is available to organizations today. What’s more, the web development team at Creative Ideaz is all geared up for creating simple, attractive and user friendly websites especially for those businesses that are all geared up for getting their message on the web.

This email marketing is too old to be effective? Even though newer marketing techniques are emerging, seasoned marketing professionals still swear by this age old method of lead generation. And the good news? Email marketing too is changing with the times. According to a recent study by Exact Target, 77% of customers prefer marketing communications through email than spending time on search engine.Effective email marketing strategies give 80% increase in leads and 77% lift in conversion. Here are the top three techniques that have given great results for email campaigns:

• Integrate your website with email communication: A uniquely designed site with a distinct color scheme, high quality images and relevant information about your product and business triggers 50% more customers. A site with effective visual effects has 15% more open rates. A good idea is to design a website that will trigger an email to reach out to subscribers who have previously visited your site or abandon their shopping carts. Sometimes, all they need is an additional touch or a small incentive to finish the purchase. Shopping-cart recovery e-mails can help recapture up to 29% of abandoned carts. Always, provide an easy option on the site to unsubscribe so that you maintain an active and engaged customer list.

• Use personalization and relationship building tactics: Personalization pays off!! It generates more than six times higher transaction rates. Email list segmentation combined with content that is both personalized and customized for the different segments should be on top priority. Offers, discounts & promotions urge the user to open your mail. Offer discounts if the customer gives email or contact details of a few references. Keep your customer attentive by regularly sending email to customers informing about their order status, offers and promotions. Give a personal touch to your email by offering discount coupons to customers on their birth date or anniversaries. Personalized mail has 3 times higher open rates, with transaction rates about 6 times higher.

• Mobile friendly e-mail marketing:By 2017 around 2.97 billion users are expected to use the internet over their phones. As many as 25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones and 10.16% on tablets. It means a significant portion of your subscribers and customers are likely using Smartphone’s and tablets to read your emails. Make sure your emails both look great and are easy to interact with – whether your subscribers are using desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Use dynamic display technology that automatically adjusts content and image sizes based on a user’s screen.

A successful email marketing strategy will help you gain the trust and loyalty of your audience, open doors to move contacts into your sales cycle, convert them into strong leads, and eventually, win their business. For actually implementing a winning email marketing for your organization, get in touch with those who know it best @ Creative Ideaz today. References: Fulcrumtech  Marketingsherpa

Online Videos have created a new revolution in the world of content marketing. While the written word still holds significant value, the use of videos have begun to play an important complementary role to meet the overall objectives of digital marketers. Here are some interesting statistics on this –

81% of people use videos on their brand website Email open rates are 19% higher when the word video is used in the subject line 65% of viewers cross the 3/4th mark when watching videos 52% of marketing professionals believe that video content has the best ROI

So what needs to be done to achieve that outstanding success with video marketing? Here are three simple tried and tested winning strategies from the best of the industry leaders today.

1. Differentiate between the Consume vs Share Concept:

Leading online video platform BuzzFeed has brought to light a game changing perspective on the use of videos. They consider that the entire purpose of creating a video is so that it can be shared within a community that identifies and resonates with the video. Just giving away information is a weak strategy – The real strength lies in connecting with as many viewers as possible. The 3 main ways to do this are:

Emotional Content – This is the all important “feel factor”. How do viewers feel when they watch the video? People who feel for your video will be more likely to share it on your behalf. Interesting Information – Does the video create a controversy? Provoke the viewer to think of a new viewpoint? Convey information – but in an interesting sort of way?

The take away – The aim is not to reach out to more numbers – The aim is to reach out to those that will share your videos for you.

2. Optimize for Search:

A clear and attractive title can ensure that the video is preferred by search engines. You can also include a description of the video with just the right keywords in it. A video that has a clear call to action within it is more effective that one just gives information.

3. Consistent Social Sharing:

Make sure that you publish the video on all the major platforms that are available so as to increase the spread. Have a team that relentlessly goes on sharing in a consistent manner so that a clear message remains with the viewers – The message that you are a brand that takes your product and its marketing seriously and will go all the way to ensure its success.

The Bottom Line – Video production and distribution is an absolutely easy, fun and super effective way to let your customers know about about you and your products. For the best ways to use videos as part of your brand building strategy, do get in touch with the team at Creative Ideaz today.

The hashtag, a new generation word, has in-fact been added to the Oxford and Scrabble dictionary only in 2010. Here is a quick guide on the best ways to use hash tags to enhance your digital marketing success.

•  For LinkedIn: Of all the social media platforms out there, LinkedIn is the one that is most professional. What is important to note though, is that LinkedIn does not recommend the active use of hash tags for its content. The golden rule therefore is to avoid using the same articles for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A hash tag for LinkedIn could give out the wrong signal and hence is better avoidable.

  For Twitter: This is the home for hash tags. On this growing platform, hash tags are both searchable and clickable. The best practice is not to have more than 1 or 2 hash tags per tweet.

  For Google+: Surely a more popular hangout for hash tags as compared to Facebook. A hash tag friendly place, Google+ will autofill hash tags that you enter and also provide automatic hash tags if you have not added one. The best part of using hash tags on this platform – They can also help your content get discovered when someone does a similar search on Google.

All excited to jump on the hashtag bandwagon? Here are some tried and tested tricks that have played a great role in creating wonders with this simple word play. 1. Be specific:

The more specific your language, the more is the probability of reaching out to your target audience. Sometimes what really works is to use your own business hashtag and also a secondary hashtag that is used by some of the highly populated communities. e.g. #vwvan is a tag for Volkswagen that can be used for any business that wants to reach out to a huge bunch of auto lovers.

2. Be platform friendly:

Each platform has its own unwritten rule for making the most with hashtags. Instagram expects the tag to be based on the description of the picture and the tools that were used to create it. Twitter, on the other hand has hashtags that are based on the topic of conversation or the theme of the picture.

3. Be unbranded:

If you are a brand, the recommendation is to choose a hashtag without the brand name on it. Use a tag that goes with your message rather than your brand name. An excellent example of this is the #welltravelled tag used by the leading bag and accessories brand Herschel Supply Co. The company started to share travel photographs with people using their products. This soon became a rage and people from all over started sharing their own similar pictures leading to a greater brand following.

If you too want to experience the magic of the hashtag, then get in touch with the experts at Creative Ideaz today.

Here are some interesting facts for you about blogging –

    Companies who blog get 55% more website visitors     92% of companies get leads by way of blogging multiple times a day     Companies that blog more than 15 times a month get 5 times more traffic as compared to companies that do not have a blog

So does your brand boast of a stellar blog that posts relevant content and draws in the right audience? Or do you find it difficult to post timely content? And constantly get excuses from your marketing team when your content calendar is not published? In this blog, we talk about how regular writing and blogging can inspire your personal and professional brand. In fact, Social Media marketing and blog posting go hand in hand when you want to expand your business. Regular blogging about your business gives boost to your branding power. Trustworthy details in your blog helps you to standout from your competitors. And yes, people do notice when you stop writing and look forward to maintaining the habit of reading your content on a regular basis. Whether you are a business owner or a creative artist, blogging is one sure shot way for you to market yourself and your products. Here are a few tips to get you going –

    The more you write the more the creative ideas will flow.    Make it a habit to post every day whatever thoughts you experience and see how you start coming up with new ideas almost effortlessly.     Initially you don’t have to worry about the content for your blog. Just look all around you – websites, your new product, case studies,   thesis, white papers, news stories, popular reviews of books, songs and movies – the sources of inspiration are endless!     When you start blogging on a daily basis, you will start seeing inspiration in all of your day to day business activities – your travel, the conferences you attend, and the people you meet. Listen, observe and take notes!

The top trick to take note of? Practice makes perfect!! The more you write, the less time you spend on each post and ultimately add new community members to your circle. However, if you would rather focus on your business and leave the blogging to the experts – do get in touch with some of the best blogging and content marketing professionals at Creative Ideaz today. References: Mogul, HubSpot

Twitter, though extremely useful as a standalone service, becomes so much more fun when you start mixing and matching it with all the cool tools and awesome apps that are available in the market today. There are strong tools like Buffer, anageFilter, Hootsuite, Topsy and many more that are commonly used for Analytics, Search and Trending purposes. All these tools however come with a cost attached to them. For those who would like to know the inside tricks, here are some rarely known tools which provide equally strong features, but are available free of cost. Win-Win! Followerwonk: The idea behind this site is to explore, analyze and grow your social graph. It helps you to find new friends and customers, and discover hidden talent. It compares your profile with competitors, friends, or industry leaders and helps you to find people most influential or inactive and even reconnect with old followers. Interactive charts give you some great statistics of your followers or competitors. You can sort all of your Twitter followers by name, days on Twitter, Social Authority and collate the results in a spreadsheet pattern. Twitcam: It’s Fashion of the day on Twitter. This magnificent tool can handle as much as 100,000+ viewers. If you want to showcase your home grown business like handicrafts and fashion accessories, or your natural talents like singing and poetry, just connect your webcam, give authorization to the application to work within Twitter, then click on the Broadcast button. In seconds you can reach thousands and even millions of people. You can also interact with your viewers with a chat dialog accompanying the live stream. Twitcam also allows you to save previous transmissions for viewing whenever you want, giving you access to your followers. Twitcam is surely one of the fastest and most effective tools for reaching out to multiple fans at the same time. Twltblock: Do you want to know if your followers are FAN or SPAM? Are you getting irritated with spam followers? Then Twltblock will get rid of your spam followers and ensure that you have only genuine followers. This application will assign a score from 1 to 100 based on common spam red flags of your followers. You can block followers having a high score and get only real followers who have the potential to interact with you. Ideally run Twltblock twice in a year to clean up the site. For some more unconventional, yet effective advice on how best to market your products or services in the digital space, you can get in touch with some of the most brilliant and innovative minds at Creative Ideaz today. References: Twitter Tools Book, CIO

If you have not yet started reaping the benefits of Google’s RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads), then you are surely missing out on something BIG!! RLSA is a lesser known feature of Google AdWords. Yes, this is a bit complicated to understand and implement, but for those marketers who are willing to invest some time and effort, this so called complexity perception barrier can be crossed easily! Here is some help for those who would like to get started with this magical technique for search engine marketing. What exactly is RLSA? When surfing the net, have you ever noticed that the same kind of ads keep appearing on the pages that you visit? If you have searched for ‘cheap flight deals’ previously on, then the ad for keeps following you for the next few weeks. Intelligent, isn’t it? Now the intelligence gets even better – With RLSA, you will now see the ad for only when you again key in a search for ‘cheap flight deals’. If you search for ‘best black dress’, then the ad will not be shown – only an appropriate ad will be shown. In other words, a win-win scenario for both merchant and customer! Now comes the technical definition – “RLSA allows you to show ads on Google only to people who previously visited your website and only when they are once again searching for your products and services” Two top reasons that work in favour of RLSA:

•  Since the focus is on return visitors to your website, it is the best and easiest way to target ‘qualified’ leads. •  The algorithm does not access a user’s detailed search history, therefore making it simpler to generate the most appropriate ads to show previous visitors.

Detailed strategies for effectively using RLSA for your marketing campaign can be created. Since RLSA is already integrated with Google’s AdWords, you can extend your existing campaigns and marketing pitch to attract those visitors who are returning for more info. In fact, you can try it with a device specific or shopping campaign strategy to see how it benefits your brand. Since RLSA targets those visitors who have already shown some interest (AKA qualified leads!), the conversion will get easier. If you are already sold on the exciting power of this wonder tool, then get started today and leave the creative and technical implementation details to those who know it best – the super star team at Creative Ideaz, UK. References: Search Engine People, Search Engine Journal, Crealytics