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A peek into our award-winning web design process

Step 1

Discovery & Immersion

  • Discussing clear goals and expectations
  • Understanding the business inside and out
  • Concluding an effective digital solution
"Understanding your market, your target audience and your business goals, provide the foundation to our successful website design projects."
Web Design Agency Birmingham
Kash – Chief Product Officer
Step 2

User Experience Research

  • Analysing the market, industry and competitors
  • Identifying and defining the target audience
  • Creating personas and customer journey maps
"In-depth analysis into persona development and the user journey will create the thought process behind how we design your site."
Web Design Agency Birmingham
Rav – User Experience Researcher
Step 3

Content Strategy

  • Planning content based on the target audience
  • Taking into consideration all aspects of SEO
  • Copywriting for the right tone and purpose
"Keeping in mind brand guidelines, tone and style – we create clear content along with powerful graphics to speak directly to your audience."
Web Design Agency Birmingham
Lucy – Content Copywriter
Step 4

Design & User Experience

  • Foundational elements of the site to suit your brand's look and feel
  • Following the content plan, initial designs are created
  • Working prototypes of the site are showcased
"Our creative minds work to ensure your product/service really stands out from competitors with strong call-to-actions and an engaging layout.
Web Design Agency Birmingham
Dan – Head of Design
Step 5

Development & Integration

  • Unique responsive process that's adaptable on all screens
  • Rich, sequenced interactions and animations
  • Integrate and plugin your website to almost any system
"We integrate and test various functions including eCommerce, API’s, booking forms and much more, so your website design is at the top of its game!"
Web Design Agency Birmingham
Rampal – Fullstack Developer
Step 6

Analytics & Optimisation

  • Configuring analytics properly to gather data
  • Measurement and collection of real-time data
  • Analysing and reporting on important KPI’s
"We implement analytics and tracking functions to inform our marketing strategy and ensure we can continuously monitor your website's performance!"
Web Design Agency Birmingham
Sumit – Growth Marketing Strategist

Recent Web Design Projects

Designing Stunning Interfaces for a Seamless User Experience

Web Design Agency
Este Medical Group Website
Este Medical Group Mobile website

Lead-generating website for one of the leading aesthetic companies in the country.

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Web Design Agency

Bespoke Shopifystore & theme created for one of the UK's leading Lifting Equipment company's.

Visit Website
Web Design Agency

Bespoke website designed + built for a Handcrafted Kitchen company integrated with a bespoke appointment flow.

Visit Website
Web Design Agency

Bespoke electronic leasing enquiry system with user experience focused checkout experience.

Visit Website
Web Design Agency

Lead generating website for one of the biggest Aesthetics providers in the West Midlands.

Visit Website
Web Design Agency

Bespoke website designed & built for Endocare who provide services to local NHS trusts.

Visit Website
Web Design Agency

Custom system and design for one of the biggest companies in the UK selling scrap gold.

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Web Design Agency
SEO Agency Birmingham

Cross-Platform Design

89% of people recommended a brand after having a positive mobile experience. Our responsive web design always performs at an optimum level.

SEO Agency Birmingham

User Experience Design

A design approach led by your customer journey and thought process ensures a website that converts and speaks directly to your target customer.

SEO Agency Birmingham

SEO Ready Design

A website design is not complete without full optimisation including keywords phrases that your target audience are searching for, so you can hit the ground running.

SEO Agency Birmingham

Content Managed Design

Our website designs utilise the latest technology in a state-of-the-art Content Management System, putting you in full control of your website content.

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Web Design Agency Birmingham

These guys were amazing and helped us with our branding and also design of our new site.  The feedback and ideas we get from these guys is amazing and our business has grown a lot due to working with Creative Ideaz.  We use them to do all our SEO and Pay Per Click work and I can not fault the service they provide. Thanks Guys

Web Design Agency Birmingham

We use these guys for our hosting and SEO package. With a new website there are always bugs and these guys have helped at every step of the way. Brilliant support team and they dont use too much tech jargon. Highly Recommend.

Web Design Agency Birmingham

Service from these guys was 'Ace'. They've managed to help increase sales by circa 120% via our online portals. Great work!

Web Design Agency Birmingham

We hired Creative ideas to improve our website organic rankings in Google and with six months most our major keywords were on 1st page and as I result we are getting much better footfall.

Web Design Agency Birmingham

A friendly, professional and more importantly - results delivering SEO service provided here. Creative Ideaz helped me achieve first page on many of our target keywords and helped in every aspect to achieve this. Not only did they research the market and devise a plan but also optimised the website to drive in the traffic it needed

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We create award-winning digital experiences

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To maximise your business potential, we work together with our clients to build an online solution which is tailored to not only the business’s needs, but your target audience. Our main office is situated in Brindley Place, Birmingham, combining the skills of an elite team of project managers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, user experience consultants and marketing strategists.

It’s not just simply a website to us. From the ground up, we’ve transformed businesses since the year 2007, bring them new custom and growing their brands. All that we do is to bring our clients in Wolverhampton the maximum ROI that is possible. From our extensive research phase to designing and testing your site, every step of the way is thought out thoroughly.

Our experts know how to create a tailored and successful website design that fulfils your business goals. How’s your website looking now? Does it produce new leads? Talk to us.

Wolverhampton Web Design Company

A fast, flexible, agile software development team

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Anything Is possible with our bespoke development agency.

Innovative digital solutions with proven results. Creative Ideaz work on custom-built solutions for specific industry goals. With a global reputation, we offer bespoke development in CRM Integrations, existing website customisation, web applications and much more.

Digital transformation that puts your brand first.

Web Design Agency Birmingham
Web Design FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my business need a website?

A website is vital in today’s digital focused world.  

A website gives you the opportunity to connect with you audience, makes your brand look professional and credible, and allows you to showcase your services or products. A website is a good tool to attract new customers through the use of other marketing methods such as SEO and Social Media Marketing.

SEO Agency Birmingham
How long does it take to design a website?

After a brief discovery meeting, our Wolverhampton web design projects are turned around in roughly 3-4 weeks. During this time, we are planning, designing, testing and launching your website.  

Although, dependent on your requirements, we can launch it quicker if it is a small site, or if it is a much bigger project it will be longer. Discuss your requirements with us over a coffee today.

SEO Agency Birmingham
What is responsive web design?

Responsive design is useful for devices of all sizes. It is where the design automatically adapts to the screen size, platform and orientation. Responsive design reduces the amount of panning, zooming, and scrolling the user will need to carry out when visiting the site.

SEO Agency Birmingham
What is the web design process?

The web design process will vary slightly from site to site, however there are several core steps that we always follow.  

We’ll work with you to develop an understanding of your market, your target audience, and your business goals. This will help us build the foundations of your new site.  

We’ll then carry out an in-depth analysis of the user journey and your audience personas, to develop a UX strategy.

Next, we’ll create the content for your site, keeping in mind your brand guidelines, tone, and style, before working on our initial designs to ensure your products or services really stand out. We can integrate and test various facilities, including booking forms, ecommerce, and more.

SEO Agency Birmingham
What is a content managed website?

A content management system (CMS) is an application used to manage website content. A content managed website is driven by a database where all the information on your website is stored.  

This allows our clients to easily log into their website and make edits there and then.

SEO Agency Birmingham
Mobile first design vs responsive design

Does your target audience mainly browse the web using mobile devices, or do they prefer to use computers? This is one of the deciding factors we ask ourselves when deciding which to choose from.

Mobile first design puts mobiles at the core of the design approach, considering the constraints and behaviours associated with browsing on mobile devices, whereas responsive design refers to website designs that automatically adjust based on the size of the user’s screen.

SEO Agency Birmingham
What does SEO mean in web design?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is vital for any business that operates online, and, for maximum results, it should be built into the web design process, rather than added in later. Web design and SEO should work together seamlessly.  

The key elements of SEO in web design are mobile friendliness, easy to read design, website speed, sitemaps, and user trust.

SEO Agency Birmingham
Do I need hosting?

If you want a website, you will need web hosting. Your website will be hosted on a server, usually provided by the company that maintains the site for you.

SEO Agency Birmingham