Online Videos have created a new revolution in the world of content marketing. While the written word still holds significant value, the use of videos have begun to play an important complementary role to meet the overall objectives of digital marketers. Here are some interesting statistics on this –

81% of people use videos on their brand website Email open rates are 19% higher when the word video is used in the subject line 65% of viewers cross the 3/4th mark when watching videos 52% of marketing professionals believe that video content has the best ROI

So what needs to be done to achieve that outstanding success with video marketing? Here are three simple tried and tested winning strategies from the best of the industry leaders today.

1. Differentiate between the Consume vs Share Concept:

Leading online video platform BuzzFeed has brought to light a game changing perspective on the use of videos. They consider that the entire purpose of creating a video is so that it can be shared within a community that identifies and resonates with the video. Just giving away information is a weak strategy – The real strength lies in connecting with as many viewers as possible. The 3 main ways to do this are:

Emotional Content – This is the all important “feel factor”. How do viewers feel when they watch the video? People who feel for your video will be more likely to share it on your behalf. Interesting Information – Does the video create a controversy? Provoke the viewer to think of a new viewpoint? Convey information – but in an interesting sort of way?

The take away – The aim is not to reach out to more numbers – The aim is to reach out to those that will share your videos for you.

2. Optimize for Search:

A clear and attractive title can ensure that the video is preferred by search engines. You can also include a description of the video with just the right keywords in it. A video that has a clear call to action within it is more effective that one just gives information.

3. Consistent Social Sharing:

Make sure that you publish the video on all the major platforms that are available so as to increase the spread. Have a team that relentlessly goes on sharing in a consistent manner so that a clear message remains with the viewers – The message that you are a brand that takes your product and its marketing seriously and will go all the way to ensure its success.

The Bottom Line – Video production and distribution is an absolutely easy, fun and super effective way to let your customers know about about you and your products. For the best ways to use videos as part of your brand building strategy, do get in touch with the team at Creative Ideaz today.