UK Lifting Store

The Brief

When we first approached this website, the first key SEO Birmingham improvement we could help was the user experience. The site was outdated, had no information for the user to perceive this was a trusting brand and had no rankings at all, despite being a successful company offline.

So, Creative Ideaz SEO agency Birmingham had to think of a solution to use both SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation services to re-vamp the website.

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The Creative Solution

By sharing a common goal of the greatest number of users converting into customers, both the top and bottom of the sales funnel was focused on. After the site was fully tested and points were made for design changes, the SEO aspect jumped in. Keywords found when researching the user journey, target audience and using SEO tools were inputted throughout the site. Our SEO Birmingham ran a site audit that flagged up as not having much content, so we decided to add category and sub-category descriptions, as well as optimising titles and descriptions, to not only build trust to the user but find them on the search page.

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The Result

It’s all well doing amazing SEO services Birmingham for our client if we drive traffic to pages that aren’t relevant, have old content, are boring and confusing. This will also lower visitor engagement and therefore conversion rates.As you can see from the results, this worked in just under a years’ time. More people found the content valuable, wanted to click the link in turn improving search engine rankings for that page further.

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