E-mail Direct Marketing or EDM has proved to be one of the most effective methods for product marketing and lead generation. It results in an exponential growth in click and open rates on a year to year basis—the reason why you should try them. Here are some great EDM campaigns along with the reasons why they have what it takes to reach out and trigger responses from the target audience.

 Paperless Post

The Product: An online greeting card portal.

The Theme: Built around the popular theme of holidays, this is one of the best examples of Holiday E-mail Marketing. What stands out is the choice of holiday, in this case—the creators have avoided the clichéd Christmas Marketing and instead used the more emotionally appealing Mother’s Day Holiday.

The Catch Title: Wait, when is Mother’s Day again? Did I buy Mom a card?

Why we love it: There are some significant elements that make this campaign effective. One is the sense of urgency it creates. The second is a clear call to action (CTA). Each picture in the e-mailer is a call to action, which will directly initiate the card posting process from the email itself. In addition—there is another CTA at the end of the e-mail that states—Browse More Mother’s Day Cards.

Charity: Water

The Product: An organisation that works on charity water projects.

The Theme: A visual to show donors how their contributions are impacting real world projects over a period of time.

The Catch Title: Dollars to Projects – Progress Update

Why we love it: A great visual that tells the exact position of where and how the money is spent, along with a timeline that gives a clear idea on when the project is expected to be completed.

T2 Tea Company

The Product: Australia’s largest sellers of tea and tea ware.

The Theme: A call for excitement—along with a message to change perceptions and bending rules. The mailer is colourfully designed with a map visual that goes in sync with the theme of motivating tea lovers to use T2 tea as a stimulant to navigate through the day.

The Catch Title: Wake Up and Smell the Tea

Why we love it: In addition to the tea, there are elements of add-on products like the T2 Total Tool; a great way of cross-selling that is also sure to delight enthusiastic tea lovers.

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