If you have not yet started reaping the benefits of Google’s RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads), then you are surely missing out on something BIG!! RLSA is a lesser known feature of Google AdWords. Yes, this is a bit complicated to understand and implement, but for those marketers who are willing to invest some time and effort, this so called complexity perception barrier can be crossed easily! Here is some help for those who would like to get started with this magical technique for search engine marketing. What exactly is RLSA? When surfing the net, have you ever noticed that the same kind of ads keep appearing on the pages that you visit? If you have searched for ‘cheap flight deals’ previously on expedia.com, then the ad for expedia.com keeps following you for the next few weeks. Intelligent, isn’t it? Now the intelligence gets even better – With RLSA, you will now see the ad for expedia.com only when you again key in a search for ‘cheap flight deals’. If you search for ‘best black dress’, then the expedia.com ad will not be shown – only an appropriate ad will be shown. In other words, a win-win scenario for both merchant and customer! Now comes the technical definition – “RLSA allows you to show ads on Google only to people who previously visited your website and only when they are once again searching for your products and services” Two top reasons that work in favour of RLSA:

•  Since the focus is on return visitors to your website, it is the best and easiest way to target ‘qualified’ leads. •  The algorithm does not access a user’s detailed search history, therefore making it simpler to generate the most appropriate ads to show previous visitors.

Detailed strategies for effectively using RLSA for your marketing campaign can be created. Since RLSA is already integrated with Google’s AdWords, you can extend your existing campaigns and marketing pitch to attract those visitors who are returning for more info. In fact, you can try it with a device specific or shopping campaign strategy to see how it benefits your brand. Since RLSA targets those visitors who have already shown some interest (AKA qualified leads!), the conversion will get easier. If you are already sold on the exciting power of this wonder tool, then get started today and leave the creative and technical implementation details to those who know it best – the super star team at Creative Ideaz, UK. References: Search Engine People, Search Engine Journal, Crealytics