Social Media

Content marketers are slowly waking up to the power of the niche platforms on social media. Niche social platforms? Yes – for those willing to look at life outside of Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, here is a list of some niche social media platforms that are surely worth exploring: But first, a note of caution: Businesses are already tapping into these platforms for reaching out to potential customers. However, by and large, most marketers are still unconvinced. Whether it is concern for brand reputation or preconceived notions about what will work for their business, they are waiting on the edge, until these platforms take off due to mass appeal. Therefore, the ones who are bold enough to venture into this area have in front of them an ocean of unexplored opportunities and could very well be rewarded with a surprise pot of gold along the way.

A brilliant platform for those brands that are out there to make a difference to people’s lives. Care2 was founded in 1998 with a single minded mission for ‘Making the World A Better Place’. Today, this social network is proud to have 30 million citizens actively engaged in national and international social causes. This leading site for petitions receives on an average 8.2 million visitors monthly and has generated more than 24 million signatures in the last one year. If your brand is in publishing, or has apps or products focused on the literary customer, this is one social network you want to be on! Goodreads connects passionate readers and authors from the world over. With features like online catalogues, book ratings, reviews and recommendations, the GoodReads owners ensure that its community of over 25 million people are more than satisfied with the services they offer through the site.
  • 3. Quora:
An amazing community that has a reputation for being one of the simplest and yet effective platforms that connects real, authentic people asking and answering genuine questions. Based on the philosophy of sharing, this is a great place for individuals and businesses to establish themselves as experts in their areas of interests. This great tool claims to have over 800,000 unique visitors each month. One start-up company has been quoted to state that, “Our referral traffic from Quora grew an impressive 3x between February and April!” From BlogHer (focused on women) and ParentsConnect (parents!) to Ozmosis (health care) and Raptr (gamers), there is a niche out there for everyone. For some wonderful ways to reach out to target audiences and reach out to newer markets, do get in touch with the awesome team at Creative Ideaz today. References: Social Media Examiner   Convert With Content