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One of the best known platforms for professional marketing, LinkedIn has proved to be an outstanding 277% better at lead generation compared to its peers, Facebook and Twitter. As of now, LinkedIn boasts of more than 2 million organisations and 200 million users, spread across 200 countries, ranging from home grown SMEs to large multinational, multicultural conglomerates. These statistics should not be surprising, since LinkedIn is one of the best open platforms for collaboration with internal marketing and IT teams, external customers and partners across industries, roles, organisations and functions. Imagine you had to reach out to some of the leading experts in your industry to get an insight into their perspectives on market trends and recent innovations – in real life, your scope would be restricted to your organisation, your college mates, your family and friends to get connected to such kind of people. With LinkedIn, you can get connected to the who’s who of your industry and also expect positive responses from them. Another advantage of this online networking platform is that it is one of the most effective mediums for you to clarify what you and your company offer as a product or service. Your website will always have relevant information, but the disadvantage there is that it is not updated so often. With LinkedIn, you can provide updates on a more regular frequency keeping all stakeholders informed on the most recent developments that are going on in the organization.


The golden rules for organizations to follow are:
  1. Your company page: Everything on this page goes into building the image that your organisation showcases to the world. Smart organisations take time and effort in optimising their LinkedIn pages. The main thing is to ensure that the page has maximum ‘Buyer Appeal’. For this, the company description needs to focus on your product offerings and services and the market segments you cater to. You can use the ‘Specialities’ section to elaborate with the key words that are best suited for your organisation. 41% of IT buyers indicate that most organisations have content that is too generic. Hence finding out the areas that are niche to your line of work, and focusing on those will help your organisation stand out amongst the crowd.
  2. Highlight data points: There are two kinds of data. The first kind is full of detail, gives research insights and goes overboard in trying to explain concepts and scenarios. This kind of data is more suited for learning platforms that are looking to educate users. The second kind, which is more suitable for LinkedIn, focuses on actionable data – clear, simple and crisp – one that enables readers to take the next step of action towards continuing engagement with you.
And for individuals, the priority items are:
  1. Photograph: Including your personal photograph is an essential element for effectively using LinkedIn. This shows to the world that you are a real person, working in a legitimate manner. It eliminates any doubt.
  2. Avoid noise: Whatever you do, make sure you do not repeatedly share posts by others just to create activity around your page. This is done by many when they do not have enough to show for themselves – and hence the posting and sharing technique to remind people that you are still alive. However, assuming that you are a legitimate person in a legitimate profession, there are bound to be many more original and relevant insights that you can share with your followers – because, believe it or not – the truth is that they are following you to get to really know you.
So the trick is to be active and aligned, and LinkedIn can surely connect you and your organisation to incredible opportunities that otherwise would have been difficult to generate. For starting a professional marketing campaign using LinkedIn, do get in touch with the expert team at CreativeIdeaz today.