May The 4th Be With You – The Importance Of A Social Media Calendar

Saturday, May 4, 2019
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Kurt Whitlock
Why you need a social media calander

The Importance of a Social Media Calendar

It has been a fan-favourite pun for Star Wars fans across the galaxy for decades, even resulting in it gaining its own official commemorative day each year. But May the 4th -Or “Star Wars Day”, as it has come to be known - Is more than just one day a year for the Jedi fandom to celebrate a shared love of the galaxy far, far away.

Originating a long time ago – In a location not too far away – The pun of “May the 4th Be With You” harkens back to the motto of the Jedi; “May the Force Be With You” – A notion to maintain faith in the all-encompassing entity of the “Force”, a vital aspect of the Star Wars mythology.

However in more recent years, as the advantages of social media have become more apparent to companies around the world, clever techniques such as “Star Wars Day” have allowed the more savvy in digital marketing to capitalise on the popularity of an existing fan-base in order to market their own products or services.

Social media calendar

Not only does tapping into a pre-existing audience such as on May the 4th day allow you to cross-sell your own company, it also demonstrates an interest in popular culture and helps to position your brand with an shared interest in relevant topics throughout the whole year – Giving you a wide variety of options to market and re-market your services to your audiences in a whole host of fun, interesting and topically current contexts.

To truly understand the impact of social media when linked to relevant events throughout the year, it’s worth first getting to know some ideas for each social media national day, to help you best prepare how to market yourself to your audience best all year long. With this in mind, we have prepared a handy social media content calendar that you can download for free to plan which days throughout the year fall best into your social media strategy:

May the 4th

Download your FREE Social Media 2019 Calendar Today

And if that’s not enough, our team here at Creative Ideaz have prepared a handy list of some top tips for your social media plan – All backed up by Luke Skywalker and friends.

So without further ado, allow us to impart some social media marketing wisdom unto you, courtesy of George Lucas et al:

Kurt Whitlock

Digital Project Manager @ Creative Ideaz