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Link building, as we know it, is the process of linking external pages on a website as one of the many strategies for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Using this technique, search engines discover new web pages and help determine their ranking. Back in the 1990s, Google started to overpower the search engine market using links as ranking factors. Several ways of link building have come up over time and many have been discounted by search engines. For example, Google once recommended submitting particular websites to web directories which in return would provide you with links. This method was over exploited by SEOs, as a result of which, Google reduced the value of such links.

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Link building is not dead; but the techniques have undergone major changes

However, recent updates in the ranking sector have seen a shift of impact. It is speculated that the importance of link is being replaced with social signals such as tweets, shares and comments. Nonetheless, it is wrong to say that the impact of link has ended. Search engines have merely started giving more value to high quality links. Low quality guest posts have several common elements, as cited by Google, which include little or no social engagement, sites created primarily to promote guest posts and sell advertisements, extremely diverse content, barely any static pages, and so on. Earlier it was more of quantitative article marketing, while today the focus is more on getting essential guest posts featured on sites and blogs, which are necessary and more streamlined. It has been observed that if a link is acquired for a webpage in the world school way, Google is most likely to disregard it, and in some cases, may even penalise the website by using algorithm filters like Penguin and Panda. Early on, around the mid 90s, the technique was to earn links in order to channelize relevant traffic for a web page. This seems to be trending again. The concept of earning the required link with content instead of acquiring or buying a link has become prevalent in today’s competitive online world. To earn links it is important to generate quality content. Original content on your website, industry-specific blogging, and using keyword-rich content are some ways other websites will link to yours. Share your content via your social media platforms to spread the word and get people to link naturally to you. Link building may not be out of the league yet; however, the old ways of doing it are questionable, and may actually hurt your business. Talk to the experts at Creative Ideaz, who can give you the right advice on building links naturally and strengthening your business online. Call us at 0845 094 2153 or visit