Ghost buttons, which were undeniably a major design trend in 2014, are still a huge favourite with many web designers. The buttons are widely used for their minimalism and the elegance that they clearly effuse on the web page.

Ghost Buttons in Simple Terms

Ghost buttons are basically transparent buttons framed inside a skeletal outline to give a ghostly feel. Ghost buttons promptly catch the attention of users in spite of being simplistic. Although bigger than normal buttons, they blend effortlessly and elegantly within the web page. Done in black or white, ghost buttons contain a simple text, inviting users for a call-to-action. Ghost buttons are often used with minimalist or flat web designs, and are mostly placed in important locations of a web page.

Where it All Began

Ghost buttons are spill outs from the old flat designs. They have their origins in Head-Up-Displays or HUDs – a striking feature seen in movies, car dashboards and video games, where data needs to be displayed in a largely translucent style to avoid blocking the viewport. However, it was the seamless use of the ‘Ghosts’ in iOS7, Nexes7 website and Bootstrap3 that ignited their widespread popularity and ease of use.

Advantages of Having Ghost Buttons on Your Web Page

Ghost buttons allow the main page to stand out, giving an unexpected visual treat to users. Audrey Azoura, an interior design website, beautifully blends ghost buttons on their image centric design. The buttons are perfectly colour matched with the main theme and define a visual sophistication that is sure to get user attention.

Ghost buttons are best suited for image centric web pages. These simple buttons do not disarray the main layout and also maintain the visual elegance an image depicts. Vantage Points, an educational website, is a good example of how well a ghost button is fitted with an image-focused design, without diluting the main theme.

Ghost buttons lend an unmistakable ghostly aura that will surely garner call to action. Implementing ghost buttons on business websites can help leverage more sales. Check out Prince Ink, a business site, which uses a ghost button to request a quote from users on their landing page – a quick way to attract users to call-to-action in as unobtrusive a way as possible.

The current web design trend focuses on simplistic design without any undue embellishments that gives the web page a fresh look and looks inviting. Ghost buttons are best suited for this present drift in web designing.

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