Este Medical Group

The Brief

Este Medical Group is an international cosmetic medical company established in 1994 with over 2000 employees in branches in 52 countries across the globe, with a range of specialities including hair transplant and regrowth, hair removal and fat removal.

Having already managed the website design project for this client, Creative Ideaz were perfectly placed to transition smoothly into an effective SEO Birmingham marketing campaign, even managing to take care of a large amount of the optimisation prior to the website launch, ensuring we could hit the ground running.

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The Creative Solution

Our project management team worked very closely with our SEO Birmingham marketing department during the website build to ensure we launched with a highly optimised new website for Este Medical Group, allowing us to reduce the time normally spent on optimising a new site after launch. Throughout the optimisation our team carefully analysed every aspect of on-page optimisation in thorough detail to guarantee we could start seeing rankings improve for this client as soon as possible.

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The Result

Since the launch of the optimised website and ongoing marketing efforts since, we have seen nothing but fantastic results for Este Medical Group. Within less than one month of launching the new website, which was SEO Birmingham friendly, we could see a 500% increase in online traffic, resulting in a sudden increase in new enquiries and a huge boost to our client’s revenue.

Este Medical Group now enjoys prime position for it’s chosen keywords, with leads coming in for Birmingham No 1 Hair and Skin Clinic, and being adored by Google alike. Creative Ideaz are proud to have been, and to continue to be, an integral part of this success.

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