Why Digital PR Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Monday, January 23, 2023
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Just like traditional PR where brands use channels like TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio to reach and engage with their audience, digital PR is just as relevant – and perhaps even more so for online-only brands. With digital PR as part of your marketing strategy, you will -

  • Creatively build and expand your online presence
  • Develop a tone of voice for your brand
  • Boost trust and recognition
  • Be seen as a market leader/authoritative brand

What is PR in Marketing?

PR is a tool used by companies to boost visibility. This can be done in a traditional format – on TV or in a newspaper for instance, or by using digital channels such as collaborating with a social media influencer.

PR is a promotional means that allows businesses and brands to work with reputable external channels in order to be viewed by their customers (and potential customers) as a credible name in the industry. When done correctly, by using high-end media channels or linking up with relevant, trustworthy digital outlets, PR can work wonders for a brand’s image.  

Is PR the Same as Marketing?

Although PR and marketing have similarities, there is a difference between PR and marketing. Marketing is a paid form of getting your business’s name out there, whereas PR can be used in unpaid communication formats. For example, say your business makes candles, and you’ve developed a specific fragrance for Christmas, a wise use of PR would be to send free sample candles to relevant media outlets.

In this instance, you may consider a lifestyle magazine, or a relevant social media influencer who is aligned with your brand. They may then showcase your new candle in an article, or in a vlog about new candle products. PR is about using your knowledge of various media channels wisely and targeting those who may be interested in your brand and products. If you’re struggling to find the right media outlets for your brand or business, it might be wise to consider investing in the help of a PR marketing agency.

How to do PR Marketing

If you’re looking for fresh new PR methods, you could take a look at these popular PR marketing examples:

  1. Write a press release – whether you’re launching a business or bringing a new product to market, a press release is one of the best ways to get your info out there. Keep them short and sweet, include relevant info and contact details and always include a quote from a company spokesperson that press channels can use when they write about you
  1. Make use of local media outlets such as local and community radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and blogs or vlogs focussed on the local area
  1. Consider a PR stunt – on a small scale these include things like competitions and giveaways, whereas larger scale stunts include things like Lego’s MRI scanner donations or KFC’s ad that was visible from space  
  1. Vamp up your presence on social media – use comments, make videos, get visible
  1. Try teaming up with social media influencers who are right for your brand and business
  1. Sign up to industry and community events – they're a great way to get your business noticed in the real world or via an online platform such as Zoom

A Closer Look: A Competition

Running a competition in collaboration with a relevant digital channel such as a social media influencer who’s a good fit for your brand could help boost customer engagement in a relatively easy, hassle-free way. The important bit when choosing to do a competition with a social media influencer is that you choose someone who is viewed in a good light, gels with your business, has a decent audience engagement, and can generate enthusiasm around your product.

Competitions can really help create a buzz around your product, so if you run one, make sure everything else is up and running so that you can take advantage of this period of interest around your brand/business. By that we mean, make sure your website is working as it should (across all platforms), you’ve got your branding all sorted, you’re visible on other social media platforms, you’ve got some good-quality reviews up, and you’re ready to go, go, go when the buzz really hits.

What are the Benefits of Digital PR?

Digital PR is a great way of getting your brand out there in the online space. This isn’t just important in terms of boosting your visibility, it’s vital to help ensure your brand or business is seen as trustworthy. Think of the endless products people can buy online. The list goes on and on. If you’re competing with these you need to make sure there’s information online surrounding your product.

Most people won’t take a chance on an unknown – they'll go to the brand that is widely recognised, has lots of great 5-star reviews, or that’s been recommended to them by friends. If they don’t have this information to hand, maybe they’ll spend time doing a little research around this product or brand. If they can’t find any information, it’s more than likely they’ll go elsewhere for a similar product. This is exactly why digital PR is so important to your business.

How does PR Support Content Marketing?

One of the benefits of PR is that it supports your content marketing quite effortlessly. Think of them as friends – holding each other up in a difficult market place. Without one, the other won’t be as strong. So, when you’re thinking of engaging with PR marketing services or developing a digital marketing strategy for yourself, it’s important that both PR and marketing are incorporated.

PR works hard to bolster your public image, while marketing is more specifically focussed on the actual selling side.

Benefits of Hiring a PR Agency Like Creative Ideaz!

Hiring a PR agency, or a digital marketing agency comes with multiple benefits. As you can see from the details above, there is so much involved when it comes to including digital PR in your marketing strategy. Whether it’s developing a brand strategy, sourcing credible social media influencers to work with, targeting media outlets at the prime time, writing press releases, deciding on when to launch a specific service or product, or coordinating and running a competition, there is always something to be done.

Choosing to hire a digital marketing/PR agency will mean you’re able to focus your time on all the other aspects of running a business. What’s more, the people working at these agencies are specialists. They know how PR and digital marketing work, they know the tactics and channels to use, they’ll have their fingers on the pulse of all the right outlets, and will be able to work efficiently without wasting time trialling ideas out.

At Creative Ideaz, our digital marketing experts will help your business achieve its full potential. With our bespoke digital marketing services, we’ll get your business growing to levels you’d only ever hoped of before. Talk to us and let’s get started on this journey.

Lucy Benson

SEO Executive @ Creative Ideaz