SEO In-House vs. Outsourcing: Which One is Right for your Business?

Monday, January 30, 2023
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When you run your own business, there’s no denying you’ll have your plate pretty full most of the time. From juggling accounts to sorting out IT woes, and just making sure you’ve got enough tea and biscuits in the cupboard – running a business is a full-time job and then some. So, sometimes, something just has to give. In this article, we take a look at -

  • In house vs outsourcing marketing
  • The benefits of outsourcing digital marketing
  • Why outsource your digital marketing and how to do it
  • Things to Consider

Benefits of In-House Marketing

Are you keen to keep control of your own marketing? Doing things in-house could be the right option for you. Benefits of choosing this route over opting to outsource digital marketing services include -

  1. You have absolute control - you decide the marketing route that you think will work for you
  1. It’s easy to collaborate when the people working on your marketing are sitting in the same office as you
  1. When you keep things in-house, you won’t have to waste any time explaining your business to an outside source as the people doing your marketing already get what you’re about
  1. You’ll keep costs down by doing things in-house

Benefits of Outsourced Marketing Services

If you’re thinking of hiring a digital marketing agency to look after your marketing strategy, there are many benefits that you’ll enjoy. So, what exactly can digital marketing outsourcing companies do that you can’t do in-house?

  1. These guys are professionals so they absolutely know what they’re doing
  1. You’ll save time and be able to focus on other core aspects of running your business
  1. They have the know-how with all the relevant SEO marketing skills, tools and techniques
  1. They’ll have tried and tested methods that have been proven to deliver results
  1. If you don’t have in-house resources, using an external company will save you the hassle of recruiting
  1. Results can be quicker when you outsource internet marketing
  1. They’re accountable to you because you’re paying them, so they’ll be keen to deliver results

Negatives of In-House Marketing

When you’re considering in house vs outsourcing digital marketing there are, of course, some negatives that you’ll have to consider. On the face of things, in-house marketing might seem like a great option, but everything has its downsides. These include -

  1. Unskilled workforce
  1. Your team won’t have proven expertise in this area and they’ll more than likely be using a trial-and-error approach
  1. An in-house team may be concerned about taking risks
  1. Won’t necessarily be up to speed with the latest tools and tech in the world of digital and SEO marketing

How to Outsource Digital Marketing

Deciding to outsource digital marketing can feel like a big deal, and you may have to trawl through a few marketing outsourcing companies before you find the one that’s right for you. However, a little perseverance can really pay off when it comes to marketing services.  

When thinking about outsourcing your digital marketing, you’ll need to first decide whether you wish to hire a freelancer or engage the services of a full digital marketing agency. Which route you choose will most likely depend on your budget, so make sure you’re fully clued up as to what monies you have to use.

Once you’ve worked through these initial stages, you can move onto finding the right marketing agency for you, sharing exactly what it is that you want to happen, and making sure you provide clear instructions.

As with most things in life, the clearer the communication, the easier the process. Ask for examples of previous work, get a feel for the people in the team, and see whether they feel right to take on your project. Once you’ve spoken to a few different digital marketing agencies you should be able to get a good feel for what to expect and whether a particular team is right for you.

Things to Consider

If you’re still unsure about which route to go, spending some time thinking about where you’re at in your business journey may help. If you’re a small start-up, getting the experts in to help with SEO could really boost your trajectory.

Small-to-medium sized businesses will also benefit from hiring agency expertise, while larger businesses may have the capacity to invest in sorting out an in-house team. Even if this is the case, it can still be great to bring in digital marketing agencies as consultants and to help steer your in-house team in the right direction.

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