Digital Marketing Ideas During the Coronavirus

Monday, March 30, 2020
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Lucy Benson
Digital marketing and Coronavirus

There is a vital role digital marketing can play in protecting a company’s future in the new world being forced by COVID-19.

Businesses that chose a more progressive strategy of refocusing spending during a recession have outperformed businesses that made sweeping cuts. We’re not saying spend money you don’t have, but if you do you can successfully out-perform your competition during COVID-19.

Marketing during COVID-19

1. Connect with your audience better with social media.

Whether you’ve been tested positive or not, we are all dealing with the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on our lives. Being locked in our homes results in more and more people using social media to keep updated and trying to stay connected to friends and family we can’t see.

So, why not use this time to really show your companies empathy and help where you can. This is a time to not be pushy or "salesy" – be sensitive so that your brand stands out during this difficult time. You can even promote your good deeds that you are doing in society so that people connect to your brand even more.

2. Ensure your business can be found online

A lot of people are online right now, more than ever. Nobody is browsing the high street stores because they’re all closed. Because of this, search traffic has increased significantly and will continue to climb for the foreseeable future. Take advantage of this demand and make sure people can find your business.

Whether you are selling items online, or provide a service in the local area, by ensuring your website is search engine optimised people can find you. Not only this, your competitors are unlikely to be doing this, therefore you will outshine them.

3. Sell left over stock quick using PPC

With more and more people sat at home browsing for things they need as soon as possible, it’s the best time to sell your stock using paid advertising. Scoop up that lost market share from others pulling back during this time.

Bring in more sales, gain a competitive advantage and save money within your digital marketing budget with PPC.

4. Jump in front of your competition

Normally, SEO takes time to show results, but with your competitors on hold for the time being, you have the opportunity to outrank them quicker than ever.  

With things such as SEO, you could end up at the top of the search results in no time for high volume keywords.

5. Prepare for the bounce back stage

This virus should fade eventually, so when it does, make sure your business is ready. What you do now for your SEO campaigns right now will affect your organic search traffic two months from now.  

So, decide wisely if you want to pause your SEO campaign now because it could have a detrimental impact on your revenue potential in the future.

6. Take advantage of local SEO

As we’re all reducing travelling and staying at home, many of us are shopping local for our essential services and supplies. Using an effective local SEO strategy, for example optimising your website for “near me” searches, will help your business provide assistance during a critical time.

7. Don’t panic!

What you don’t want to do is go out and buy too much toilet roll that you don’t need. You need to react smartly and implement a digital marketing strategy that works long-term.

Analyse your data and see what you already have before you make any decisions.

Help is on its way!

If you are unsure of what steps you need to take during this difficult time, we are here to help businesses come out on the other side better than ever. We know it’s a tough time, but we want to remind both existing clients and new users reading this blog for information – We will get through this!  

Contact us for more advise and help.

Blog update: Monday, 12 December 2022

In December 2022, businesses worldwide can still feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The continued health crisis has had a massive effect on all aspects of business operations, from how companies conduct their day-to-day activities to the way they reach and engage with customers. As we move into 2023, the need for digital marketing solutions will only continue to grow as businesses look for new ways to adapt and remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

One strategy that many companies have turned to is updating their website with modern design features, such as responsive web design and parallax scrolling. These tools can help businesses create a more dynamic online presence, making it easier for customers to explore their products and services. Additionally, businesses can engage with customers directly from their websites by using social media integration tools such as live chat or chatbots.

While keeping up with modern web design trends is important, it is also essential for businesses to think about the quality of the content on their site. By investing in professional content writing services, companies can ensure that their website is well-optimised for SEO and provides high-quality information to visitors. With the right digital marketing strategy, businesses can continue to thrive despite adversity.

Lucy Benson

SEO Executive @ Creative Ideaz