How to Create the Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Monday, May 9, 2022
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Sumit Kumar
Creating effective marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategy – what exactly is it, why do you need one, and what will it do for your business? If you’re looking to find out the answers to these questions and discover the best ways to create an effective digital marketing strategy, you’re in the right place. In this article we will get to grips with -

  • What a digital marketing strategy is
  • How to go about creating one
  • Examples from big brands

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategies are a plan of action for your business to follow via online channels. The first stage is to take a look at what it is you want/hope to achieve, assess these goals, why do you want to achieve them, what would be the benefits to you if you did, and how are you going to go about implementing them.

You could be thinking about a digital marketing strategy for your entire business, or you could be looking at a more specific aim – for instance, creating a digital marketing strategy for a specific product within your business. The most innovative digital marketing strategies could increase awareness around your business (or product) and see it soar in popularity.

Digital Marketing Strategy Examples

If you’re looking for inspiration, we hear you. It’s always a great idea to take a look at other brands’ digital marketing planning and strategy examples to see how you can improve your own. Take a look at this case study on the Tesco digital marketing strategy and see how one of the UK’s biggest retailers goes about getting their brand out there online.

Another top-rate example is the Starbucks digital marketing strategy. You can find an in-depth look at how the world’s biggest coffee company goes about working on their multichannel digital marketing strategy right here.  

If you’re hopeful to get started on your own digital marketing strategy you may want to check out this digital marketing strategy excel template that you can access for free.

Where to start

Creating your own personalised digital marketing strategy can feel like a daunting task. That’s why at Creative Ideaz we do it for you. We’re experts in creating tailored digital marketing plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve worked with businesses across the spectrum from beauty brands in London to industrial companies in the West Midlands.

Using our unique digital marketing strategy framework we’re able to tailor marketing campaigns to ensure they work within specific industries and reach those important target audiences.  

Different Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

Any decent digital marketing strategy consultant will be able to tell you the vast variations in the types of digital marketing strategies there are. You could choose to focus on one, or do a mix and match approach. The more complicated the strategy, the more likely you are to need some help to implement it. However, these are the most common forms of digital marketing out there:

  1. Email marketing - some great examples here
  2. Content marketing – educational/videos/e-books etc
  3. Social media marketing – Gregg's vegan sausage roll
  4. Influencer marketing campaigns – fashion brands on Instagram for example
  5. SEO marketing
  6. Mobile marketing
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. PPC pay-per-click

For each of these forms of online marketing, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a digital marketing lead generation strategy in place too. This is the part of the plan that allows you to identify, attract, and turn those target online users into positives – like a purchase - for your business.  

The Sum Up

As you’ll appreciate, digital marketing strategies are pretty intense. There’s the opportunity to involve multiple online channels in order to ensure your business reaches as many prospective clients as possible. When you’re running a business, it can be hard to keep on top of all these strands – especially if you don’t have a dedicated marketing department or person doing this role.

For that reason, small and medium-sized businesses can really benefit from the input of a digital marketing strategy consultant or team. And that’s exactly where Creative Ideaz steps in. We’ll help take your brand or business and get it out there, seen, and noticed by all the people who need to know about it. A great digital marketing strategy helps your business grow, and who doesn’t want that for their own company?

See how we can help elevate your business, get in touch with the Creative Ideaz team today.

Sumit Kumar

Growth Hacking Strategist @ Creative Ideaz