A website that showcases your products and services is a must for all kinds of businesses today. For those that are convinced on this all important necessity, PHP stands out amongst the myriad of options that are available to modern website developers. An extremely popular web development framework, PHP is known for its interactive features, efficient data transactions and simple HTML development. It is not surprising to hear that PHP is used by as many as 82% of major web servers in the world these days. (As of February 2014). What is even more exciting is that there are a number of popular frameworks that allow organizations to roll out new websites in one tenth of the time as compared to the time taken for ground up development. Here is a list of the top three frameworks that have proven to be beneficial to businesses in the global market. 1. Laravel With 22.7% of the market share, this framework is best used when looking for the following features:

ο  Good routing. ο  Easy authentication. ο  Migrations support. ο  Blade templating engine.

What is good is that there are multitude of learning resources videos and tutorials that will help programmers and designers find just what they need to complete their projects with ease and confidence. 2. Symfony Ranked number 2 at 15.1%, Symfony is built specifically with an aim to help developers avoid writing repetitive code. It has more than 30 reusable components for creating modern applications and a sophisticated framework for web project creation. An open source framework, there are tonnes of sample projects and documentation to aid beginners and experts alike in their journey of creating visually stunning and efficiently functional websites. 3. CodeIgniter With 14.4%., CodeIgniter comes in at a close number 3. Again supported with excellent documentation and an active user community, this framework has many features that have won the admiration of its multitude users. Some of the significant factors worth noting are:

•  Version Conflict Management

  Negligible Installation Efforts

  Easy Error Handling

  Encryption & Security Support

  Rich built-in libraries

Apart from these top three frameworks, there are other frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend Framework, Phalcon and Slim that have won the respect of the development community world-wide.  For those who are looking to create rapid websites as part of their online business promotions, PHP is by far the best option that is available to organizations today. What’s more, the web development team at Creative Ideaz is all geared up for creating simple, attractive and user friendly websites especially for those businesses that are all geared up for getting their message on the web.