T & T World LTD

The Brief

T&T World were struggling getting any customers online other than their social media accounts. They had an amazing website with informative content and good calls to actions but when anybody searched for their products/services in their area they never heard of the client.That’s why SEO Birmingham was the right starting line to slowing bring traffic to the website.

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The Creative Solution

Therefore, we decided to create landing pages specifically for their areas. So, if someone was searching for “CCTV in Cannock” they would appear for this and other areas they served. From getting no enquires online, after our SEO services Birmingham, the rankings increased by 434 and ranked #1 for this keyword and many others.

Creative Ideaz strived to publish content that was unique and specific to the locations we wanted to target for the client. We did this by using URL’s, title and description tags, speaking about the location in line with the service, using anchor text and keywords throughout.

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The Result

We proudly, in only a couple of months of SEO services Birmingham, achieved number one rankings for competitive keyword phrases in the local area, bringing new traffic to the site which they wouldn’t have got without SEO. Local search is extremely common and valuable; half of all mobile searched were done with local intent in mind.

Call to actions were also added after each block of copy so that the user was then motivated to transition through the sales funnel. We know that CTA’s aren’t just important for business – customers want and expect them to be there.This is why so many users converted into customers when finding the company through our successful local SEO strategy.

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