Superstar Tunes

The Brief

Superstar Tunes is an innovative and rapidly growing online platform designed to help unsigned music artists make contact with professional Record Labels and Music Scouts to showcase their talents and to give them help to get into the music industry. So they needed a web design Birmingham service to replicate this image.

As such, the company needed a versatile and professional digital platform with a vast array of features to aid budding musicians, such as music and video file uploads, and to manage their own end-user micro-site via a secure account login feature.

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The Creative Solution

The Creative Solution

Creative Ideaz, website design company Birmingham, spent a significant amount of time carrying out detailed and thorough end-user research to inform the design stage, including persona development and competitor analysis. This then progressed into a bespoke development project that started from the ground up, allowing us to custom build features that would have been unavailable as off-the-shelf solutions. Some highlights of the new Superstar Tunes site include a tailor-made voting feature titled “Star or Not”, allowing users to decide the winner of a monthly competition, as well as various additions to the basic user account model such as a Favourites section and a custom-developed Playlist builder to maximise the user experience.

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The Result

Since our web design agency Birmingham launched the new project, Superstar Tunes has seen a significant improvement in its user engagement. Whereas a majority of users on the earlier version of the website would often leave within minutes, the research and development carried out by Creative Ideaz has helped to ensure that over 60% of website visitors now actively engage with the website and stay online for up to several hours or more.

The responsive optimisation of the new design played a key part in the renewed success of the brand, allowing more than double of its previous client base to view the website on the move. The team at Superstar Tunes have gone on to become frontrunners in the competitive market of online music promotion, and Creative Ideaz are proud to have been a central part of this progress.

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